Can It Be Justified? #5

Welcome to our brand new series, where we look online for the most ridiculous comments and opinions we can find. Some comments may not seem ridiculous, but cause a storm among certain fan bases we’d just love to weigh in on. We take the comment, think about it, and try to justify it to see if the comment holds any form of value whatsoever.

We will not showcase who wrote these comments, only what the comment was, and also the context in which it was written if there was any.

Please note before we start. All of these comments are based on opinion, and ours are as well. This is just meant for fun, and not offend anyone, or meant to be serious in any way.

1. Superhero movies and shows have become too excessive in cinema

Can it be justified? No. I don’t believe so at all. Realistically, when you look at it from a financial standpoint – they make money. A LOT of money. If you take a look at the top 10 list, you see Avengers, Star Wars, Avatar and more. People are invested in them. Why? Because they’re not consistent rehashes of older movies. The ideas can remain fresh, simply because there are thousands upon thousands of different comic books out there.

Not only that, they bring people together. If you take a look at the hype and build up around Endgame, it was an incredible time. The cinemas were a fantastic place to be, the conversations were great, it was just an overall good time to be a nerd. Even casuals, non-fans and hardcore fans all came together for that.

2. Thor (2011) > Ragnarok

Can it be justified? Well, I mean, it can be because again, this is another one that’s based on opinion. Some people would prefer it, but do I agree? No. I love Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and he’s done an exceptional job with the character, but when I do my MCU run, I don’t enjoy Thor 1 as much as the others.

Ragnarok was different from the first 2 and took a spin on it, and more importantly, it worked. Not to mention Ragnarok almost doubled the box office sales in comparison.

3. Ahsoka Tano delivered a terrible performance in The Mandalorian Chapter 13 episode

Can it be justified? Absolutely not. People love to complain for the sake of complaining. At the end of the day, if you’ve watched Rebels or Clone Wars, it’s animated. Let me say that again. ANIMATED. It’s not real life. Rosario Dawson displayed the character fantastic. She was great with the sabers, it was amazing to see a Jedi and a more force eccentric episode. I for one hope she returns.

Oh, and one more thing. If an actor says or does something in real life – that is ZERO excuse to then say a poor performance was delivered on the back of that. Respect a good show when a good show happens, and Rosario did exactly that. The Mandalorian is a well-done show, if the acting was even remotely off – it would have been reshot. This is the Star Wars universe, not some budget show on Netflix.

4. The Arrowverse has fell apart the last couple of years

Can it be justified? Yes. I honestly agree. Whilst I don’t knock the fact the CW is still bringing in some massive numbers, but unfortunately, it’s not the same as it once was. The shows were told better, the stories, the villains, the characters were all told better. I don’t put this down to just one show, as it’s seemingly all of them.

It seems like they focus on certain agendas for the sake of it, instead of focusing on the comic lore sides of things. It’s a massive issue with the Arrowverse, and it seems to keep finding itself down a political agenda. It’s proved time and time again, that at least 90% of the time, it’s just not enjoyable.

5. Marvel’s Miles Morales PS5 is a bad game because it’s too short and focuses too heavily on BLM (Metacritic scores and multiple tweets)

Can it be justified? No. Just no. How can you say a game is bad purely based on length. Or for that matter, a movement that’s trying to change the world for the better? Bare in mind, it was only shown once or twice during my playthrough, which is fine.

Miles deserves all the praise, Nadij did a great job with the voice work on the back of it. A game can be quite short, granted, but that doesn’t mean it deserves a straight-up 0 for it. You have to remember, the game wasn’t at full price because of that. It was cheaper than every other AAA game that came out at the same time. I would rather play a short, intense game than a long, boring, broken game.