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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Legendary Pack 1 DLC Review

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 released 5 years ago in 2016. Ever since then they’ve kept adding new characters and patrol quests to the game. Even after releasing updated Dragon Ball games, they’ve still always added stuff to this game because the player base is insanely high, even after 5 years of being released.

They’ve recently revealed a “roadmap” for this year starting off with a free update where you can now change your created character’s hair and skin tone as well as adding a feature where you can vote for which hero gets put into the “legendary pack 2” in the fall.

Legendary Pack 2 comes with two new added characters in Pikkan and God of Destruction Toppo, Now I’ve used both and they are easily great additions to the game, should have been here much sooner but nonetheless. They are both easily controllable and fun to use. Especially Toppo.

The downloadable content also comes with 2 new time patrol missions which, I’ll be real are insanely slow and nothing special at all. All we have to do is fight Toppo, Vegeta and then we move onto the second mission in the DLC pack. I’ll be real, it was great having some sort of Tournament of Power mission but I would have liked more.

The second mission is bad, but yet great because the cutscenes make it great. All of the mission consisted of was fighting the same character 5 times then fighting an even stronger version of that character until two AI characters come and trigger the cutscene.

The cutscene made it worth it. The cutscene was Goku and Future Gohan doing a father-son Kamehameha and ending the downloadable content missions for Legendary Pack 1. Overall the missions were weak and the best thing was the newly added characters.


I did have some issues with the story missions as well, it wasn’t all that easy. Throughout the two missions, you would be in the middle of a fight, then it would make you continue fighting yet have people speaking in the background and you would still take damage from the AI villain you would be fighting so you would have to continue beating this character up but his health bar wouldn’t drain, it’s a stupid decision to do it like that.

My next issue was the overall hype they tried to make for this downloadable content with the trailer they released. They released this hyped-up trailer and tease one cutscene at the end, I was so excited to see it in-game and when it happened, they had removed a word from the release trailer so they basically showed the world the entire cutscene in the trailer.

Rating: 7.1/10

Photo: Bandai, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.


Story - 5
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Missions - 3
Entertainment - 7.5



A weak story-driven mission downloadable content but strong characters added.


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