Lady Gaga Joins Joker 2 & Release Date Officially Confirmed

Lady Gaga has joined the cast of the upcoming Joker sequel via an Instagram post which you can see below.

We now officially have a release date confirmed for the 4th of October 2024. So the movie is still far out, but it’s nice to know we have a proper release date.

Regarding Lady Gaga being cast, we’re not sure exactly what type of role she will play.

However, judging by the video, we anticipate she may don a Harley Quinn type role, or maybe even Harley herself, which isn’t a bad casting for the character at all.

The one issue I do have with the film at present is the fact we’re hearing it’s going to be a musical. If that’s the case then I am fairly worried about this compared to what the first movie brought.

Nevertheless, we’ll continue to update you as more updates are released.


Daniel Lewandowski

29 years old. Founder, and co-owner of Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Comic Universe website.

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