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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 – What We Would Love To See

Fallen Order is expected to sell another 2 million copies in the coming weeks taking it to a massive grand total of 10 million copies.

With this success it’s not surprise EA want the studio ready to give this a sequel, and rightfully so it deserves one.

Whilst Fallen Order was far from perfect, it was pretty damn close. We write a list of all the aspects we would love to see.

RPG Elements

The story was fantastic, and kept me immersed throughout the entire experience. One of the many things I feel the game missed was certain RPG elements. Similar to the aspects the Force Unleashed has.

Choosing a path, a choice, just giving the player more freedom to choose a specific decision can only benefit the experience. All while giving the game a bit more replayability.

Star Wars stories can always go a magnitude of ways, and it creates conversations between players on choices made. I don’t think it should be Detroit Become Human level, but I do feel the player should be able to make certain choices.


Story Arc’s and Canon Connections

While the story for Jedi Fallen Order 1 had deep and emotional connections to The Clone Wars, Order 66 and The Inquisitors I would like to see more of the Jedi side of stuff, yes we got Cere, Cal’s Master and a voice cameo from Obi Wan, going forward I’d like to see more Jedi for example Kanan Jarrus, Quinlan Vos and a few others.

Where Jedi Fallen Order 1 left of it’s in a time where Maul was hunting or being hunted by Inquisitor’s as well so I would like to see some sort of mention or cameo by the fearless Sith who struck down Qui Gon Jinn.

I would also love to be able to travel to more planets because that whole travel system in the first game was surprisingly well done and a much liked way to travel to different planet’s like Dathmir.

More Customisation Options

One of the many things the first game did so well was the ability to customise the lightsaber. I spent hours just trying different versions, even the sound on the colour changed it was so good.

Where I felt let down was the colours weren’t unlockable until near the end of the game. You had orange (if you preordered), green, and blue. I feel like red would’ve been nice just to run around. Double bladed was more than welcomed, however having two sabers would have been great.

Customising Cal more. The options for his costume were awful. He always looked ragged up. The first time he looked awesome was the sith vision. Being able to choose more outfits can only help the customisation further. Maybe even going a tad further and customising the inside of the Mantis.


More Villains

While playing through the first game the two main villains were the Second Sister and The Ninth sister, while both were great villains and popped up every now and again and fighting against them was great, I feel like in the second game we should get more.

The main villain of the sequel should be The Grand Inquisitor as well as maybe one or two other Inquisitors. Vader should be in the game but he should just be the one who controls and tells the Grand Inquisitors who to go hunt down and kill.

We should get other smaller villains like Bounty Hunters, Assassins and even mob bosses like The Hutts. It would be in the period of time where Boba Fett would of just been growing up learning to become the ruthless Bounty Hunter we know him to be from the comics.

Better Mini-map/Fast Travel

One of the many things that infuriated me more than anything was trying to track back to the ship after a huge adventure on a planet. Understandably I get that it adds further time played, but that time is just annoying when you really just want to get back.

The map was quite in-depth, and I did like that aspect. However, in this instance they really should’ve just kept it simple and normal. Not to make the game easier, just having the fun of being able to actually find your way back without running around the same part 15 times.

Fast travel would be welcomed. If this takes away a lot then this should be a feature after you’ve completed the main story. That would make going after chests, secrets etc more enjoyable being able to fast travel to a place on the planet you need to begin collecting.


The future of Cal Kestis

Cal has been through so much in his journey as a padawan and a Jedi but what does the future hold for him? I think in the second game he should continue his journey as a Jedi and maybe go towards becoming a Jedi Master.

Cal should also find some padawans who survived Order 66 and Maybe open a school to reform the Jedi Order once more. Yes Luke Skywalker did open a Jedi school but thats further down the line in the history of star Wars.

There was one thing that bugged me about the first game and that is why exactly did Cal always wear one brown glove? Abit weird right? There is plenty of way to incorporate this into Cal’s journey, did he lose it working in the ship yards? Did he lose it as a Padawan? It could even be a easter egg which happened in the movies where people only lost a hand… (Sorry Anakin but I’m talking about Episode 2).

Is there anything you would like added? Let us know down in the comments below.


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