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Supergirl “A Few Good Women” Review

Season 6 Episode 2 – As the stakes with Lex are raised higher than ever before, Lena must decide how far she is willing to go to stop her brother; Supergirl and the team are faced with a challenge unlike anything they’ve ever dealt with before.

What I Liked

1. As Kara is trapped in the Phantom Zone, she’s barely able to gain consciousness, until someone helps her to “safety” away from the Phantoms. It only turns out to be her father, which is an emotional touch for the show, especially for Kara herself.

2. Lex’s court hearing begins, and as the District Attorney who is against him stands up and mentions that Eve’s statement will put him away for life, he arrogantly stands up in front of the judge and says; “no she won’t”. It’s the cocky arrogance that I love so much about Lex, you know he has a plan which will have a backup to a backup. It’s amazing.

3. I have to give Brainiac props where props are deserved. He’s one of those characters that can irritate you, make you laugh, hype you up and more. On this occasion, he is training Dreamer to use her powers in order to locate Supergirl from the Phantom Zone. She fails miserably in the first simulation, but Brainiac’s words of encouragement help a severe amount. It was a great scene.

4. Despite this also being on my dislikes, I absolutely loved how Lena was able to completely destroy Lex’s hopes for having all the crimes against him dropped. Even in the conversation between her and her mother, she was solely counting on Lex attempting to get under her skin.

My dislike is noted below about the scene as well, as I both loved and hated it for reasons all the same.


5. The fight scene as the Phantoms manage to get through the portal was actually pretty good. Seeing the entire team come together and tag team the Phantoms was impressive. Especially both the Martians and Dreamer.

What I Disliked

1. I’m sorry but the beginning of the episode was trash. It was cringe and horribly done. I’m not even sugarcoating this, this “Dracula” vampire dude showing his teeth was pathetic. I’ve seen children who could do that “act” better. Plus the CGI was horrendous during this entire scene.

2. I like the fact Lena turned up to testify against Lex, but what I dislike about this is, is the fact it started with so much excitement as she walked in, to it just failing and ending so quickly. I was just hoping for more with Lena.

Favourite Moment

I was expecting but not expecting Lex to be sentenced to prison. Simply to the fact, I knew he had a plan up his sleeve, and he actually did. However, he actually won the trial legitimately without the need to interfere with any of the Jury or witnesses. It just shows that the writers can push unpredictability in when it matters.

Standout Character

Lex. It was a pretty easy one, and he’s one with the most standout awards in the last multiple episodes. He was beyond manipulative in this episode, and the way he managed to worm his way out of a trial with evidence stacked against him was an incredible feat to say the least.


The CW have done a great job so far with the opening two episodes, and this particular episode was solid. It progressed well, every character played a good role and it’s set the upcoming episodes up perfectly.


Rating 9.1/10

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Story - 9
Action - 9
Characters - 9.5
Entertainment - 9



The CW have done a great job so far with the opening two episodes, and this particular episode was solid. It progressed well, every character played a good role and it's set the upcoming episodes up perfectly.

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