The Flash Seasons Ranked Worst To Best

The Flash is currently on it’s 6th season run, which began as a cameo on Arrow’s season 2, to finally premiering it’s first episode in October 2014.

Discussing specific seasons with people always throws up a huge debate as to which is the worst, or the best season. So, today, I will mark my list from worst to best based purely on my own enjoyment.

Please note; I will not be including the current season 6 in the list, as the season is only 9 episodes in.

5. Beginning with the weakest; Season 4. This was the first season that did not include a speedster as the big bad. While The Thinker had his moments, I just felt like it was a bad choice from the very beginning. You never cared much for him, or the story behind it. It felt predictable, and never really made an impact whatsoever. The first major feel came at the very end when Nora showed up to help Barry destroy the satellite. Not great, not awful, but definitely the worst season of The Flash.

4. Coming in next; Season 5. Cicada, both the male and female variants did a solid job with the season. I have to admit, it was more interesting with Orlin at the mantle, as his reasoning behind why he was doing what he was doing was worth it. You felt sympathetic towards him. Nora was a welcomed addition to the show, especially the return of Reverse Flash. It had a mixed bag of everything, but still ultimately fell behind the other 3 seasons. I feel like once the mantle switched with Cicada to an older Gracie, it got too much, and I actually never cared for her. It was a great season, but nothing spectacular.

3. Coming in third with the third; Season 3. The season mixed among a lot of fans, but is actually one of my favourite seasons of the CW. I called future Barry being Savitar near the beginning, I was right. The reveal was just incredible; and it showed the true power Barry can have when he sets his mind to it. A lot of people miss that, although it’s a time remnant, it’s still Barry Allen. Everything felt edgy, and of course the imminent demise of Iris was looming. Let’s not forget the Wally West ark during this season which was the birth of Kid Flash. This was great, let-down by the writers in the season after. A fantastic season, that was fairly underrated in my opinion.

2. Second is two; Season 2. What’s not to love about this? The introduction into the Multiverse, Barry’s Dad’s death, Zoom, Jay Garrick, it had a mix of everything. Zoom is one of my favourite villains of all time, and to see him live action made me cry like a little kid. His suit was incredible, and watching Barry genuinely struggle at every one of their fights showed the power he had. More importantly, Barry had to go back to Reverse Flash for help on how to beat him. An exceptional season that’s right up there as one of the best comic show seasons, of all time.

1. There’s only one left; Season 1. The best CW show, just beating Arrow’s season 1 in my opinion was the birth of The Flash. Harrison Wells was just amazing. The Reverse Flash. It showed Barry uneasy with his newfound power, but still dealing with his mother’s loss all those years ago, to being trained how to use his powers by Wells. Only to find out the guy that he’s been trusting to train him, turned out to be the guy that killed his mother. There’s no better TV than that. The odd episode linked with Oliver Queen was welcomed. Everything about this season was perfect. The story flowed so well. Definitely up there as my favourite all time season of any comic book show.

What’s your list? Do you agree with mine? Is yours different? I would love to know! Please let us know down in the comments where you would rank The Flash seasons from the very beginning.