WandaVision “The Series Finale” Review

Season 1 Episode 9 – The events of WandaVision come to a head, and the destinies of all who took part are determined.

What I Liked

1. I am super happy the show didn’t beat around the bush at the beginning and dived straight in. Obviously, we finished where we left off, Wanda vs Agatha. The boys have been let go, and Agatha explains that she wants Wanda’s magic and will allow her to keep Westview. Obviously, it’s not much of a fight, but Wanda uses a car and smashes Agatha through a house. Perfect!

2. The show immediately takes a turn when White Vision shows up and starts slowly crushing Wanda’s face. A bit dark, but great nonetheless. Then Vision just flying spears him away, this is just brilliant!

3. Now it’s Vision vs White Vision. WHAT. A. FIGHT! We just see them phasing between each other and throwing hits all over the place. A quality fight in showing Vision’s true capability of fighting someone matched to him, as Vision has nearly really had a true opponent yet.

4. Agatha makes a surprise play. She changes every person inside of Westview and cuts their ties, meaning they’re back to themselves and surrounding Wanda, demanding answers to what she’s done. After struggling with the number of people surrounding her, she almost nearly kills them. Instead, she lets them go and opens up the wall, which is obviously affecting Vision in his fight. In the end, it’s either save Westview or her family. She chooses family.

5. Haywood sends the military in so now they, Agatha and White Vision have them surrounded. It’s a weird turn of events here, White Vision just wants Vision, Agatha doesn’t care for the military, so it’s like a 4-way fight. However, Billy and Tommy are both there as well and they’re ready to fight as well. They’ve been ordered by Wanda to “handle the military”.

6. I mean, Billy and Tommy handling the military was hilarious. As if Tommy actually stole the man’s hat and glasses. What a guy!

7. The comedic aspects continue. Haywood actually goes to shoot the boys, when Monica steps in to protect them. Seemingly pissed, Haywood then gets in the car, reverses up and goes put the car into accelerate. Then we hear a clown beep, and it’s none other than Darcy slamming into the side of his car and telling him to have fun in prison. Just perfect!

8. VISION IS ALIVE! After White Vision tells Vision that his program is to destroy Vision, Vision explains that he’s not actually Vision in some scientific way but it makes sense. He then plants ALL of the memories into White Vision. After the memories are restored, he says, “I am Vision”. Just amazing!

9. Wanda tries her Age of Ultron mind trick on Agatha but doesn’t work. She takes Agatha back to being tied to the wooden stick for being a witch. The women are then reborn but they turn on her calling her the Scarlet Witch. An amazing fight then pursues between Wanda and Agatha, but every strike from Wanda means Agatha is just absorbing it, that’s what it seems though!

Wanda has actually been casting a spell when she’s been striking the Westview “dome”. The exact same spell we saw Agatha use in order to stop Wanda from using her magic. This is super clever, and I’m actually impressed, even more so when Wanda absorbs Agatha’s powers instead!

10. Agatha is now Agnes again. Wanda decides to keep her in Westview so she can keep an eye on her. A very good way to keep her close by that’s for sure.

11. An incredibly emotional scene as Wanda decides to shut Westview down. She gives up both her children and Vision but says goodbye in the most beautiful way possible. She’s now back at the same point she was when she arrived there.

12. The after credits scene shows a Skrull turn-up and talk to Monica. She explains that she was sent by a friend of her mother’s and she’d like to meet up there. It’s clear it’s none other than Captain Marvel.

13. In the post-credit scene, we see Wanda in a little hut in the mountains, seemingly resting, however, all is not what it seems. In the backroom, she has the Darkhold book and is reading through it in full Scarlet Witch suit. She then hears what seems to be Billy calling for her help, she closes the book and the show ends. Perfect.

What I Disliked

1. Pietro turns out to be Ralph Bohner then. Hugely disappointed in that if I’m being honest. I would have just preferred him to be a creation, not someone completely different. Everybody wanted Quicksilver back, but doing it like this, nope.

2. I am putting this here, even despite Paul Bettany confirming his surprise cameo was in fact him. It’s disappointing, and no Doctor Strange either after Elizabeth said the show would have a Luke Skywalker moment. As much as I enjoyed the episode, I am still incredibly let down by the cast throwing around teases that never came to fruition.

Favourite Moment

Wanda is in full suit! This is something we as fans have been waiting for, for so many years now. The moment in which the suit forms is just sheer perfection and Elizabeth rocks it so well. This is a moment I will always remember.

Standout Character

Obviously Wanda, right? Who else? She was literally perfect in this episode. Elizabeth really shows why there’s nobody better on the planet that can take on the Scarlet Witch role, than her. She got the suit, the Darkhold, and went toe to toe with someone that’s equally as powerful. Thoroughly deserving.


A very satisfying finale, albeit with a couple of very small issues. The finale ended in such a fantastic way for me and sets up so many avenues for the character. The possibility of a season 2 is now there, and we now head straight into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Rating 9.8/10

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in WandaVision — Disney+ — Marvel Studios


Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 10



A very satisfying finale, albeit with a couple of very small issues. The finale ended in such a fantastic way for me and sets up so many avenues for the character. The possibility of a season 2 is now there, and we now head straight into Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.