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Watchmen “If You Don’t Like My Story Write Your Own” Review

The Watchmen plot thickens with everyone filled with unease about who to trust and who is secretly working for the Seventh Cavalry. I love the way the plot entwines the past and the present with a whole host of dubiously morale characters.

Angela’s growing unease with her relation to William Reeves and the FBI Agent Blake on her tail; no doubt suspecting her to be involved with Crawford’s murder. Once more we are left with more questions about where we are headed in terms of resolve. How Adrian Veidt and the rest of the plot are intwined still eludes me.

I am curious as to how and why Adrian is living in a mansion with clones he reared himself. The moment he had the babies and put them in the machine to age them up I had the show on mute as I didn’t want to hear anything awful happen. There is this deeply sinister edge to Adrian’s character that is still yet to be fully uncovered.

We need to see how he relates to the rest of the story. In terms of building tension throughout, Lindeloff is doing a wonderful job. The new presence of Lady Trieu casts another iron into the mix and I am intrigued to what will become of the rest of the story.

The newfound presence of Will with the trillionaire Lady Trieu with the sinister tic-toc reoccurrence leaves me with so many questions! I need to know! I am desperate for more.

Kudos Watchmen, you’ve got me hooked.


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