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Why Seth MacFarlane’s “The Orville: New Horizons” Needs to be Renewed

While the renewal of the popular series is still up in the air, many fans are currently campaigning on Twitter for the show to be renewed with the hashtag #RenewTheOrville and I will agree, I joined in. I ultimately love this show, I love Seth MacFarlane, he’s tremendous in everything he does.

Honestly, when this show was first announced, I wasn’t sure I would like it. I went in with an open mind for the series because at that time I was depressed and binge-watching Family Guy. I immediately got attached to the show with the witty banter, somewhat series storylines, and of course the different species of Aliens in the show.

A futuristic space force with Seth MacFarlane at the helm of the ship is just a recipe for laughter and that is precisely what this show does.

I’ll give a few reasons as to why this show needs to be renewed.

Unfinished Storylines

Over the course of 3 seasons, there has been an overall big story to the series. Within these seasons there have been many smaller stories that have been played out and have been truly interesting to see. More recently, fans have been introduced to Anaya. A half Krill and half-human who is the offspring of Teleya and Captain Mercer. This story is still unfinished and has a lot more to explore within this triangle of Krill and Humans.

While season 2’s finale and season 3 showcased the Kaylon to be the big threat to the universe, the true threat is the Krill and Moclan alliance which is going to be interesting to see play out. As we know that the Moclan’s have given the humans weapons to fight the Kaylon but ultimately lost their partnership because of the beliefs their people have.



I personally feel that the lore behind how this futuristic world has been kept quiet. While we have learned some things over the course of a few seasons, I feel as though there is a lot more to be revealed, as seen in the recent season 3 finale.

As Commander Grayson explains that they did go to other worlds and introduced themselves and immediately within 5-years that planet ultimately destroyed itself with the technology introduced by them. This is the main reason why when they go to planets, they go undercover and blend into the environment whether that is the modern day, the past, or the future.

New fans

The series is popular on Hulu, not everyone has Hulu though. The series has recently gone onto Disney Plus. This is a huge opportunity for new fans to be introduced to the show. It’s so much more traffic getting pushed to the show.

I myself, binge-watched it before the third season debuted on Disney+. I’ll do it again now the third season has finished. It’s ultimately a great show that deserves a lot more seasons.

It takes the worlds of Family Guy, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Brooklyn 99 and mashes it together and this is what we got.

I can not recommend this show enough. The story is fantastic, the cast is absolutely great. The visuals are amazing.



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