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What If We Got A Justice League Game?

Welcome to our brand new series. As huge video games fans, we’re always looking ahead to the next comic book game. In this series, we take a character or a group and try to organize what a video game could look like with this specific character or group. It’s up to you to decide if you think it works or not.

The Justice League is one of the most popular superhero groups in the world. Prior to the Avengers (MCU), it was all about the Justice League. It was actually most people’s preference when it came down to getting that multi-million dollar budget movie series before Marvel dropkicked DC out of the picture.

We have had a few Justice League games in the past but nothing directly linked to them except the Injustice series. That series and the Arkham games have been hugely successful for DC, generally meaning they do better in the video game department than Marvel with the exception of Spider-Man.

What type of game would you do?

This particular type of game would require the use of not just the original Justice League, but members who’ve even been affiliated with the group at some stage. The game would be very similar to the earlier Final Fantasy games with turn-based combat and the ability to choose a squad with each member bringing something different in. For example, Batman would be a controller, Superman would deal more damage, and so on.

The game would experience a mainly linear path but you can maneuver to different places when and if you need to. Having multiple members of the Justice League on your team is great, but you would have to select a leader of the team which would consist of the originals such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman – once you choose your “leader”, this is the main character you would control when roaming around.

What would the game include?

As already mentioned, you would have the ability to choose a squad of up to 5 characters. Your leader would be with you no matter what, so technically you would pick 4 other characters. Each character would have different skillsets and would bring something different to each battle as already mentioned above. One of the many things Injustice 2 did so well was the customization options for each character, I would bring a similar level of customization over here but also have the option to customize the abilities of a character. For example, normal Batman would be a controller, but having the armored suit would turn him into a tank.


Turn-based combat is something I’ve always admired in games and this is why I’d prefer it here. It means you can carefully choose how you want to battle. It would also allow for characters that would otherwise be difficult to create a game for an opportunity to shine as it would be similar attacks to Injustice 2. Characters such as The Flash and Aquaman would be fairly difficult to create a game for whereas with this type of game it would a lot easier.

A leveling-up system for each character would be a must. The more you level a character up the more abilities they unlock, customization options, and obviously become more powerful. To make it so that you make use of the full availability of the characters, they would only level up if they were used on your team during a battle.

Adding replayability into this would be key. If you have read most of my articles then you would know I do like a bit of decision-making implemented into my games, it adds an element of control which I believe would fit in pretty well in this game too. We know the Justice League has instances of falling out, fighting amongst each other as well so you would have absolute control of that depending on who your leader is.

I would implement vehicles and air transport as well. If you use The Flash then you may have access to the Bat Jet, or another member’s vehicle in order to transport around the maps. It would be amazing to be able to control them but if it was just too fast travel then I guess that’s okay too. The vehicles would also form part of the abilities for each character.

Is it likely to happen?

Possibly. Considering the revenue the Justice League brings in every year, not just the movies but merchandise and other projects earn a lot of money. Plus, they’re popular. I do think in the next 10 years or so we may see a Justice League come to play, maybe not in the context I’ve described it. The new Suicide Squad game is coming out which is called Kill The Justice League so maybe we could see a sequel or prequel for this?


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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