Write For Us

We are looking to expand our brand in the never-ending world of comic book media, to shine brighter than the rest. To do things differently.

We give you the platform to completely explore your creative freedom. Whether you write for us every day, once per week, or even once a month. We don’t mind. The role is unpaid (for now), so we don’t expect anything from you.

We give you the tools to gain experience within a journalism environment. We use the same platform and tools huge media companies use, we can also provide references if you wish to venture forward.

You will gain a unique WordPress login to write your articles, and giving you access to our social platforms to help us grow that little bit further.

If you’re interested, then so are we! If you have the time, please fill in the contact form. One of our team will go over it and be in touch within 72 hours.

Only fill in if you reside within the United Kingdom.
We have a Facebook group chat to communicate on topics, and articles going forward.
We are looking in the future to turn all voluntary positions into paid positions, but we have no idea yet as to when that will be.
We need to be careful who we bring in. As an upcoming media company, we need to be cautious of the type of people to represent our brand. A social media platform is required, even if it's just one. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. At least one must be open to see.
We ask this as certain shows air at different times, it's easier for us to establish what articles you may be suited for, depending on the choices you made earlier on.
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