We compiled a list of questions that we’re asked the most when it comes to Only Comic Universe and answered them directly for you. If there’s something here that you can see unanswered, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form here.

Yes. As of February 2023, we became a Limited company. We are registered within the United Kingdom.

Company number: 14694663

Of course! We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can click on the relevant links to go to them.

Absolutely! As mentioned in other places, our news is simply reposts, and not exclusive – with our opinion in the articles. Everything we post has been extensively researched, so when a news article is published, you can rest assured knowing it’s fully accurate.

Any other review, list, superfight, etc, are all based on our own opinions so accuracy isn’t important. We do consider everything when we form these opinions.

Yes, and no.

It depends on many different factors. How busy our writers are, what shows are currently airing, how many shows a certain writer is reviewing, and so on. We try to distribute them fairly and always try to maintain one writer to a season for consistency, although this is not always possible.

If only! We don’t tend to assign days off, as most of the writing is done in freelance mode. If there’s no news, reviews, or anything to write about then we just won’t publish anything. We don’t want to overload the site with poor quality content just for the sake of having content there. It’s why every one of our articles is of high quality, and the quality continues to improve daily. We have stressed this many times in the past. There have been times we’ve gone 3 days without a publication, but there’s been days 7 articles went up in a single day. It just varies. So yes, in a sense we have days off, but they are spent making the site better in any way that’s possible.

We don’t – and it’s not a case of trying to get articles up quickly. It’s trust, and the skill of the writers to ensure the articles are as grammatically correct as possible, without affecting our policies. As long as the trust remains tight, there will be no plans to add mods in the near future.

We have run two or so in the past via Facebook. However, we don’t do it regularly. The reason behind running competitions is if one of the requirements is to like the page, then that person is ONLY liking the page to win a product. Granted they may come to like the page, but studies find most people will unlike as soon as it’s over.

We prefer our audience to engage with us because they want to, and not because of a prize incentive. It’s not to say we won’t run any ever again, because when we have run them, we did enjoy it. It just won’t be frequent.

Yes, and no. When we changed the brand from DC Vs Marvel, we did this so we could include Power Rangers, Transformers, Star Wars etc without the contradiction. Heading out further from that, then no. This is the passion, and I feel like if we did go further out there, it may become a bit too much.

All you need to do is click here. If we’re the right fit for what you’re after, then all you need to do is fill in a short form, it will take around 5-10 minutes.

To be honest – a lot of it is self-taught. We are still learning as we go. None of the writers went to university and studied journalism. We also bounce off each other, and if an article is published with (rare) discrepancies, we aren’t afraid to make this clear. So in effect, as a team, growing, and learning together. Some forms of journalism can be self-taught, without requiring years of studying. Fancy words don’t make a great article as many seem to think – personally, we would much rather read a very basic, and straight forward article as long as it was written correctly, and got the point across – after all, that’s the main point of journalism. Ensuring a message is received.

It’s all about trusted sources. There are quite a few out there that blatantly publish lies, and we know who each one of these is, so we steer clear.

The official source where the information came from, ie Disney, DC, etc are the best places as you know the information is 100%. comicbook.com, Deadline, Variety and other sources on Twitter with accuracy when it comes to reliability.

It all depends on what type of content it is as we have different criteria for each one. We review 5 different things at present which include episodes, season reviews, games, movies & products (which tend to be more for card booster boxes such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z).

You can see each criteria below. Each section is rated out of 10 and the average for all sections will account for our overall review.









Products (mainly booster boxes)

Profit (if applicable)

We hope this button is never opened, or we ever receive correspondence with this, however, we do understand there are sometimes grey areas. More importantly, leaks. If we have published anything that is copyrighted or shouldn’t be posted – the form is monitored 24/7 for this. We will ensure a quick and easy takedown to resolve any issues. Please note, that we will ONLY act if you ARE the copyright holder or the representative and will require evidence of this before moving forward.

We use content in fair use and use images for editorial and news purposes and commentary. If a license is required to use specific content, we will ensure these are purchased legally and will hold any licenses that we purchase as evidence. We will never accept emails with direct payment links and these will be disregarded regardless of how threatening they are. We have to perform due diligence to protect our network as we are at present a nonprofit organization.

If in the unlikely event, we have infringed any copyrighted material or not provided the correct credit, please let us know. We will be happy to rectify this ASAP.

Please go here to contact us in regards to this.

Great! If there’s something that we could do better, on both the site and our articles then please let us know by using the contact form here.

Perfect! As of right now we are accepting sponsorships on our articles completely free of charge. All you need to do is go to our contact form and click the bar to “sponsorships”. You can navigate directly to the form here.

No. Never. We aren’t that type of media company. Essentially our “news” could be called “discussion”. We repost news that has already been published and share our opinion on the matter. Whilst we wouldn’t mind “exclusive” news postings, we don’t go after it.

This is how we review episodes. Story, action, characters, entertainment, and quality. We use this formula as we believe it best suits how great a show is. We rate each section out of 10, and whatever the rating comes out after those 5 averaging becomes our overall rating. We do this to make it as fair as possible when rating a show.

There has been times previously where because we know the show will have a lack of action, we do on occasions take that rating out of the review.

We implemented a quality rating into our reviews in 2021. We remain to call it SACE just for simplicity.

Only Comic Universe is a new style media company that’s been around since March 2018. We specialize mainly in reviewing movies, shows, and video games. We dabble in a bit of news as well.

We need to stand out as there are so many websites out there offering news. When we created this we tried to switch it up. Our main focal point is reviewing shows, movies, and video games all comic related. We publish news, but our news mainly comes in the form of our opinion – or what we think of it. We offer exclusive articles such as Superfights, Lists, and more to come.

We never like poorly rating something especially when we have a passion for it, but this is a question people do tend to ask us. As of 3rd November 2021 (we will update this FAQ as frequently as possible), the current lowest-rated content we have reviewed is as follows;

Supergirl – Welcome Back, Kara
Supergirl – I Believe In a Thing Called Love
You can click the above links to be taken to those exact reviews.

Both episodes received a 2.5 out of 10 which is the lowest we’ve rated out of any project to date.

Daniel Lewandowski, Phil Weaver, Adam Grunther, and Rebecca Lewandowski. You can see more in the about section.

Very simple, ads create revenue for us to continue running the website. Truth be told, it isn’t a lot. Most of the site and the development costs are generally paid for by the founders of the Comic Universe. By running ads, we’re able to bring some of that revenue back to fund the hosting, domain, and bring better content to the site. This is why on sites like ours, and many more, we do please ask you to switch Adblock off when you’re browsing our website. Of course, we can only ask and will understand completely if you felt the need to continue using it.

We use Google as our ad program, so they’re not intrusive – and if they are, please contact us here.

We tried to add the adverts in such a way they don’t kill the speed of loading times and blend in with the website so they look part of the overall design. We are aware sometimes they may be off, as there are times we don’t control this.

As of December 20th, we became an official affiliate of Paramount+. By doing so, we promote their streaming platform and in return, we gain additional revenue to keep the site running. We only get paid if someone clicks through the advertisements and signs up.

This is referring to the overall score dependant on the content reviewed. We have words for each rating score so people can understand at first glance what we think of that particular project in one word.

0-0.9 – Trash
1-1.9 – Dreadful
2-2.9 – Awful
3-3.9 – Bad
4-4.9 – Mediocre
5-5.9 – Average
6-6.9 – Okay
7-7.9 – Good
8-8.9 – Great
9-9.9 – Amazing

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