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Agents Of SHIELD “Leap” Review

Season 6 Episode 10 “The team must trust each other in order to face impending doom and an enemy that’s closer than they think.”

What Was Good?

1. Episode kicks off right after the events of last episode with May shooting and “killing” Sarge. May confesses to shooting Sarge so she gets put in a cell. Sarge is healing himself while May gets questioned by Yo-Yo but May doesn’t know what happened because she “blacked out”. Izel has taken over Davis which lead to her taking over May then Piper.

2. Jemme tells Mack that Sarge has healed & shows Mack that his bullet holes has regenerated. Jemma tells Mack that she should move Sarge to the basement until they find out what Sarge truly is.

3. Mack realizes that Izel can take over a hosts body but not their memories so they decide to take turns in telling a secret only the host would know.

4. Sarge is like Izel, but is using the real Coulsons body as a shell, he’s slowly learning about Coulsons memories and the family Sarge thinks Izel killed is really May and Quake and the shield team.

5. Izel takes over Yo-Yo’s body and realizes why Mack locked her and Quake in a room because of their powers. She takes the monolith energies and takes a plane with Mack.


What Was Bad?

Jaco’s sacrifice was for nothing because Izel survived and can make more of the shrike.

Holy Shit Moment

Since Mack and the others wouldn’t give Izel what she wanted, Izel took over Agent Davis’s body, and made him fall of a balcony, killing him instantly but not before shooting Piper through the hand.

The Verdict

Incredible episode, We are finally figuring out what and who Sarge is, We know he’s using Coulsons body and thats how his DNA is 100% a match. Interesting to see what Izel wants. Davis’s death is a shocked because he’s been in the show since the beginning.

Rating: 8/10

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