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Batwoman “Power” Review

Season 2 Episode 18 – Ryan questions her place as the city’s hero as she, Luke Fox, Mary Hamilton and Sophie Moore join forces against Black Mask; Alice’s attempt to rescue her sister means another encounter with Circe.

What I Liked

1. These first few scenes are so dark and intense! Black Mask sure is taking his time making everything that little bit more dramatic! We’re seeing the power down throughout the entire city while Black Mask is turning Taveroff into Bain and turning citizens of Gotham into his own henchmen if you will.

2. I love Alice. It had to be in here. The moments she brings to each episode, the sarcasm, the laughter, the evil but more importantly the hurt. Her scenes vary from so many different kinds of emotions. She very rarely slacks in her acting, a brilliant actor playing a brilliant character.

3. A short-lived fight scene but good nonetheless. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Ryan fighting against Kate without the suit but she held her own!

4. I said it before but I will say it again, what a suit!! I wasn’t expecting to see Luke in the Batwing suit within 20 minutes of the episode but we did and how incredible it was!! As Mary is pushed from the side of a building by Bain, we see the Bat symbol light up and Luke flies to her rescue! I mean it was more like a hover but still, you know what I mean!

5. “You know who was a great villain, the Joker.” I wasn’t quite expecting that from Alice but I’m not sure why I didn’t, it’s Alice isn’t it. There’s a lot of ways to stop a bad guy, but I suppose spraying some form of acid in their face has to count as a pretty tactful way.


6. Another great fight scene between Ryan and Kate. It was again cut short but I can somewhat make an exception this time as Kate and Alice relive an old experience as they go off the edge of the bridge.

7. What a powerful scene! The aftermath of Alice and Kate’s fall from the bridge was so emotional. Alice pulls Kate from the water, but she and Ryan still have to perform CPR to bring her back. As Kate opens her eyes, she says Alice’s name, right before Alice is arrested by the police.

What I Disliked

1. The Batwing suit was incredible, but the scenes were very short-lived. I would’ve liked to see more of the suit but hopefully, next season brings more justice to it.

2. I put in my last article I was excited to see fake Bane. We saw fake Bain for just about the same length of time as we saw Batwing. Very minimal. If that’s all we are getting of the character that is very disappointing.

3. No Jacob Kane at all? His daughter has just gotten her memory back and then proceeded to leave Gotham and he is absolutely nowhere to be seen? Don’t get me wrong I can go an episode without seeing him, but this episode was so relevant to his character it’s unbelievable. It makes no sense at all. I can understand that apparently, the actor has left the show, but there was not even so much as a mention of him at all.

4. I did not like the fact that Ryan walked away from Alice while she was locked away from Arkham, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I understand Ryan’s anger towards her, but she left her to be tortured, Alice has lost everyone in her life, she’s had her punishment, it’s time to forgive.


5. As much as I do think Kate had the right ending under the circumstances, it was completely predictable. There was more they could’ve done with this story, even without her as Batwoman. They could’ve made searching for Bruce an Ark for the show. Do we as viewers not deserve that seeing as Bruce Wayne is a pretty iconic character? Kate could’ve stayed without being Batwoman and still being a big character on the show. We knew it was coming that they were going to just write her off, but I will just never think that Is a smart move for the show.

Favourite Moment

10 minutes into this episode and we’re already getting such a great scene! As Luke pulls out drawings of the Batwing suit from when he was little, he then sees further drawings made by his dad with an idea of a prototype of the suit! Within seconds Luke pulls the covers down and reveals the Batwing suit!

Standout Character

I was a bit torn for standout this week but I am going to give it to Alice. Rachel’s acting throughout this season, and even more so this episode has been incredible. Although Alice is in Arkham I do feel she has grown so much as a person and should be given another chance at her life. The character is so complex I don’t feel she will ever be like any other normal person, but those are the characters we love, the awkward and complicated ones.


Not a great episode considering it was a season finale. The episode was entertaining do not get me wrong, but there was so much that could’ve been improved. I will always expect a season finale to have a 10/10, and this was not even close.

Rating 5.5/10


Story - 6
Action - 5
Characters - 4
Entertainment - 7



Not a great episode considering it was a season finale. The episode was entertaining do not get me wrong, but there was so much that could’ve been improved. I will always expect a season finale to have a 10/10, and this was not even close.


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