Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Gift Box 02 “Battle of Gods Set” Review

First off, I want to say this review is me purely collecting cards, getting older sets, and just reviewing them when I open each box I manage to purchase.

With that said, I understand that this gift box is a little bit older, 2019 I believe but it was just there waiting to be bought and for £18 I couldn’t say no to not buying the box.

The gift box itself is tiny, it has one special card in it and 6 Malicious Machinations packs which typically cost around £4 per pack so right there you have your value back in packs already plus a tiny bit more in profit.

£18 gets you 6 packs of cards with the chance of pulling highly valued cards such as special rares, secret rares, and more. Plus I believe the chance is there to pull a “God Pack” not to mention you already get a special “Son Goku: The Path to Godhood” card to be used in the TCG.

For Beginners

For beginners this gift box is a perfect start, you get more than enough cards to start a deck or even begin a new collection. The cards are all still great and can be used in the TCG.

This gift box gives you enough cards not to be overwhelmed by all the other cards you would get in a special box or even a booster box, this gift box is just right, especially for young kids just getting into the hobby or playing the game.


For Collectors

This box could also be perfect for collectors who are only looking to collect the cards, to start a collection, or to even finish a collection. Like always the quality of the cards is perfect.

Let’s talk about the art on the commons and shiny cards. The common card art is really great, without the shine they still stand out, however, the shiny cards are insane, the effect on the shiny is really well placed, well designed, and perfectly executed.

Purely for Profit

Now you might say to yourself, why should I buy this £18 gift box when I can go out and buy a booster box full of packs, 18 more packs to be exact… Well like the name says, this is a gift box so it doesn’t offer much but in the wider scheme of things, it honestly does offer more.

I’ll explain why, £18 for this box, in it, is one special card (Son Goku) whether that is the same in every box I don’t know but it’s still a special card nonetheless.

The box also comes with 6 packs of Malicious Machinations packs is can sell for anywhere between £4 and £4.50 which is around £25 worth of packs. In those packs are chances of pulling a “god pack” or any on the high valued cards like SS4 Vegeta, Peak of Primitive Power, Baby Janemba, Corrupt Coalescence, and Dragon Balls, Negative Energy Overflow which are the three highest valued cards in the set.

So either way, you want to take it, beginner, collector, or purely for profit, this box is an absolute steal to get, if you can manage to buy it, I would fully recommend buying it.


Rating: 9.5/10


Quality - 10
Art - 10
Profit - 10
Worth - 10
Rarity - 8
Feel - 9



An absolute worthy box to buy or to gift it to someone, I fully recommend it.

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