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Gotham Knights Releases “Robin” Gameplay Trailer

Gotham Knights is a highly-anticipated video game that I and many thousands of fans are waiting for. We recently got a tease of gameplay for Red Hood and Nightwing, and a solo Nightwing trailer, now we have been given a Robin trailer.

The legacy lives on in Robin

“Robin believes Gotham City needs a hero and he’s going to make sure it has one. The fight won’t be the same without his mentor, but that’s up to Tim to figure out. Robin’s got to believe in himself if he’s going to prove he has what it takes.”

This trailer is definitely an upgrade from the Nightwing trailer. The combat looks much more fluid and natural, and it seems Robin has some incredible moves to be learned while playing through the game. It is interesting that they’ve gone with Tim Drake instead of bringing Damian Wayne into the game.

Gotham Knights have gone all out on the detail as seen in this trailer when Robin hits someone with his bow staff, the staff actually bends and flexes on impact. That is incredible attention to detail in this upcoming game.

When this game was first announced and was revealed to have four playable characters, I instantly thought I’d be one of my favorite characters and to have one of Red Hood or Nightwing as my main character to use, but after seeing this trailer, Robin has definitely come into the picture of who I’ll main throughout the story.

I love how they are keeping it “in-character” for the character of Tim, having him be a tech-based character using tech to his advantage like using the “short-range teleportation satellite from the Justice League tower”.


Overall, Tim Drake looks fun to play with, from the combat system in place for him to the movement and detail of his gear, skins, and weapons.

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