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Hogwarts Legacy 2 Wishlist – 10 Things We’d Love to See

Hogwarts Legacy 2 hasn’t officially been confirmed but it’s looking more and more likely we will see a sequel to the first game after the monumental success. It’s been over 10 months since Hogwarts Legacy braced our gaming systems but is it time to look ahead to the next game or should we still be hopeful for DLC?

For us personally, there’s a fantastic foundation built already on the first game. I believe there’s still work left to do to truly make this game a masterpiece. We rated the game 9.6/10 and still stand by that rating. You can read our original review here.

Please bear in mind, that these are just some of the things we’d love to see included from our own experiences with the game and the franchise in general.

1. A new story and a new time period

Don’t get me wrong, the story in Hogwarts Legacy was great but I think it should be moved on. I don’t think we should get a continuation of that particular story because it’s been told. Ideally, I want to see us go in as a brand new fresh student and build our way through the years in a slightly newer time period (not too far from the first game so creativity is abled) with a brand new villain that’s better than the goblin.

2. Quidditch

I think this was the biggest complaint people had with Hogwarts Legacy. I feel like they could have done Quidditch and done it truly well given the rest of the game and how well the game and world were crafted. They had the foundations. They had the broom flying, they had the actual Quidditch pitch on the game that you could explore. I feel like in the sequel if they do not have Quidditch as a playable thing then they will begin to lose the faith of many players.

3. More classes

In Hogwarts Legacy, we had a range of classes. From potions to dark arts they were a decent way of allowing the player to learn new skills and create potions. I feel as though it wasn’t as good as it could have been and we could have had more. I believe with it being a school game, we should have a ton of classes, not a major amount but similar to the Bully game.


4. More customization

MORE CUSTOMIZATION. We need more. While the outfits and the option to change the appearance of clothing while keeping the stats was a decent option within Hogwarts Legacy I feel like what let it down was simply the character customization. It was basic, to say the least.

5. Morality system

A better morality system. Within the first game, you had the option of using dark magic and that was a big focus within the game. I feel like in the second game we should have the option of going fully dark and not just using dark magic.

6. More locations

In fairness, a lot of the Hogwarts Legacy map was a bit dull and filled with lifeless sections although it was huge. There’s some massively missed locations, Diagon Alley and Azkaban are just two right off the bat that they could have included. Granted, both would need to be separate from the actual Hogwarts map but it would be nice if we could visit these locations. We know Ollivanders was located at Diagon Alley so it would just be nice to visit there especially for the shopping side of things.

7. Introduce known characters

I think for example, the ability to just forward the time period a few years could allow them to introduce Albus Dumbledore as a student. Dumbledore was around 9 during the first game so if you fast forward even just a couple of years, then you have him there and it would be interesting. I know people want new characters but we know these people. You could even go further beyond that when Minerva was a student. The possibilities are endless as to who they could include but it would be nice to see some of the already established characters in a younger light.

8. New game+

I think this option should be an absolute given in any adventure RPG-type game. For example, you don’t get Avada Kedavra until pretty late on. I’d love to be able to go back through the game with my upgraded character and the new spells. It just adds a new layer of replayability. Whenever these types of games have new game+, I look forward to finishing the game for the first time so I can truly focus on the story, and then in the second play through I can play on the hardest difficulty and focus on the side stuff more than the story.

9. Better upgrades

The upgrades in the game were great as is and there isn’t a lot more I would change here. The only thing I would change is more of an impact on upgrades, such as the brooms. I want them to feel different. I want to feel the speed increase from buying an expensive broom. There is scope for improvement in this section but not a lot so I will give the first game that at least.


10. Triwizard tournament

This is a big focus in the Goblet of Fire. We know this particular tournament happens every 5 years so I think this would be a nice addition to the game, to be able to compete within the tournament obviously when your character is old enough (as mentioned in point 1 when starting from the youngest year). I’d love to be able to play through some of the challenges that were seen in the movies plus new ones. They make it out the tournament is a huge deal every 5 years so this would be great to have included in the game.

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