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Injustice 3’s Roster Reportedly Revealed has published an article showcasing what looks to be a leaked base roster. As always, this is just a rumour so take it with a pinch of salt, but it does look damn good.

Here’s the roster;

  1. Aquaman / Ocean Master
  2. Batman / Terry McGinnis
  3. Beast Boy
  4. Black Canary
  5. Blue Beetle / Green Beetle
  6. Booster Gold
  7. Cheshire
  8. Constantine
  9. Cyborg
  10. Deathstroke
  11. Flash / Impulse
  12. Green Arrow
  13. Green Lantern / John Stewart / Guy Gardner
  14. Harley Quinn
  15. Joker
  16. King Shark
  17. Lex Luthor
  18. Metallo
  19. Mirror Master
  20. Nekron
  21. Poison Ivy
  22. Ra’s al Ghul
  23. Raven
  24. Red Tornado
  25. Robin / Nightwing
  26. Supergirl
  27. Superman
  28. Wonder Woman / Artemis
  29. (Pre-Order) Anti-Monitor

Here are the DLC characters;

  1. Etrigan
  2. Livewire
  3. Johnny Cage
  4. Killer Croc (Premier Skin for King Shark)
  5. He-Man, Neo
  6. Fire God Liu Kang will be the remaining 3 guest characters

It’s rumoured that NetherRealm Studios will reveal the sequel at The Game Awards on the 9th of December with a slated release of May 2022, which adds another game to a stocked roster of gaming next year.

Despite the roster above looking very tasty indeed, it is missing some notable characters such as Brainiac, Darkseid, Doctor Fate, Firestorm, etc. Understandably, some characters are dead in the story of Injustice, but it would still be nice to include them in the game.

The reason being is because of the customisation options within the Multiverse side of the game. It added that element of excitement. Even today I still sometimes go back to Injustice 2 because it was a great addition. Still, I never got that damn Green Arrow hood though…


I will say this though. I know NetherRealm also work on the Mortal Kombat franchise for games but STOP adding Mortal Kombat characters into Injustice. There’s a catalogue of 1,000’s of DC characters to choose from. If I wanted to play as Johnny Cage, then I will play Mortal Kombat.

It was my frustration with the last game when I desperately wanted Deathstroke, but instead, I got Sub-Zero. I didn’t mind Zero in the game, he was fun, but the customisation options just aren’t great and it adds nothing to the DC franchise.

Again, do remember to take this with a grain of salt. As the rumours aside are also that the next NetherRealm game won’t be Injustice, but rather Mortal Kombat 12. Either way, we will know soon, and I’ll be happy either way.

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