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Is Deadpool & Wolverine Overdoing it?

Without a doubt, it is safe to say that Deadpool & Wolverine is going to blow people’s minds with returning characters, debuting characters, and just general cameos but is it overdoing it?

Today, rumors started spreading about a Wolverine vs Hulk showdown in some way, shape, or form and that “not many people have guessed” it but is this needed? Personally, I do not think so. I feel like having Wolverine with Deadpool in the MCU is great enough.

It’s even better with the amount of cameos and returning characters that they have in the movie currently which has been slowly revealed in quick trailer clips.

Honestly, if we get it, fine, I wouldn’t be mad but if they are going to do Wolverine and Hulk in a showdown but quickly skip over it then do not do it. If they are doing this showdown then make it as a full film.

It’s the type of story that deserves an entire movie dedicated to the showdown because of how brutal and massive the fight has been countless times over the years in animation and comics. It’s not a showdown that can be shown in a flashback or even a mention.

While I do hope we get some flashbacks regarding Wolverine, I hope these flashbacks involve previous X-Men such as Cyclops, Storm, Jean, and Professor X. I feel like if we see those X-Men, it will be their deaths.


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