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Is Insomniac Games Spider-Man Story Better Than The MCU Spider-Man Story?

Recently I came across this question on TikTok of all places. Is the story regarding the Insomniac Games Spider-Man better than the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man I’ve been thinking about it since then, truly thinking about the stories.

Do not get me wrong, I love both versions of the story, I love all of the stories for Spider-Man but do not get it twisted I do have my gripes with the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man and it’s an issue I’ve seen a lot of people have.

Whereas with the Insomniac Games Spider-Man story, I do not have an issue with anything. Honestly, Insomniac Games has absolutely smashed it with both of their stories for Peter Parker and Miles Morales. They show that they care about the characters and stories.

Firstly, Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man has been nothing short of amazing. He’s the best live-action Spider-Man we have had to date and that’s me admitting that. Everything that has been done for him has been decent.

One of the complaints I’ve seen is that he’s getting everything from Tony Stark and I have to admit I agree, sort of. He gets tech and suits given to him by Tony and that’s a fair opinion because it’s true but what he doesn’t get from Tony is the heart, the will, and the strength. It just feels different than seeing the usual Spider-Man doing it himself like Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfields versions.

But the overall story for Spider-Man has only just begun to get better. The stories in Far From Home and No Way Home were fantastic, however, the story in Homecoming was definitely the weakest of the three movies.


Whereas the story for this Spider-Man we have got within the Insomniac Games world has been 10/10 for each installment. It was different in the way that when we first got to play the character he had already been Spider-Man, for around 8 years.

The Insomniac Games story for Peter had him go through everything, I’m not saying the MCU Spider-Man hasn’t but after playing the latest game I feel as though the story is so much better and inspiring. Peter has been Spider-Man for years, he’s got to a point where he’s comfortable allowing Miles to take the reigns, he’s lost his Aunt May after she sacrificed herself and in the latest story, he had to go through a lot of emotions.

In the latest game, we saw Peter get his life in order, only for Harry to return and then the city get attacked by Kraven which forced Peter and Harry to work together resulting in Peter being stabbed and dying. Spoilers for this bit but the Symbiote left Harry and took control of Peter.

Over the course of that time, we saw Peter become angry, he was letting loose on his punches, and ultimately, Venom turned Peter against everyone and became a jerk. It was only when Miles got through to him that Peter was able to rip the Symbiote from his body and then Venom took control of Harry and ruined the city.

One of the major things Peter had to deal with was Venom turning Mj into Scream. In this boss fight against Scream, she was saying some incredibly hurtful things towards Peter as Mj. Everything Peter said back felt real, felt raw, and you could feel the emotion.

In the end, Peter lost his friend Harry, Harry at the end of the game was in a coma, he was badly messed up from his disease and the fight between Venom and Spider-Man. Although Peter finally was free enough to take a backroad on being Spider-Man, he still had to go through some mental torment.


Both the video game and the MCU stories have different stuff to make them stand apart from each other but for me personally, I 100% can say the Insomniac Games story for Spider-Man is better… in this moment. Once we find out the next move for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and his story after No Way Home, this could change.

For now, though, I can truly say Insomniac Games is the best at handling a Spider-Man story.

Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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