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Jordan Fisher Casts as Bart Allen in The CW’s “The Flash”

The Flash has added Jordan Fisher to their cast for Season 7 of the series as a future speedster.

Jordan Fisher has been cast as Bart Allen aka Impulse. Bart is the future grandson of Barry and Iris and will be debuting towards the end of the season.

Jordan Fisher will debut in the series’ 150th episode which will be season 7 episode 17th.

This casting is perfect. Jordan Fisher is a great and talented actor so I’m excited to see what he does with the role as Bart Allen is one of my personal favorite speedsters in the long line of speedsters in the DC Universe.

It’ll be interesting to see how the story progresses and how his introduction to the show. I truly hope they bring the iconic red and white suit into the series as well.

I am also curious if Bart mentions Nora at all in the series when he debuts.


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