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Krypton “Danger Close” Review

Season 2 episode 4 “Seg and Adam return to a very different Kandor; Val and his Rebels prepare a major offensive.”

What Was Good?

1. The episode starts of with a flashback of Seg carrying a very drunk Kem home and on the way they run into Lyta Zod, this was the time Seg met Lyta for the first time and fell in love. We see a quick flash of Brainiac.

2. Seg and Adam travel to what Seg thought was the Rankless sector but Zod has completely changed it and made it more civilized and added a huge monument of himself right in the middle of the Rankless sector.

3. Adam leaves Seg on Kandor while Adam heads to Wegthor.. When he reaches it he instantly gets captured by the Rebels as well as Kem gets captured. Adam tells Segs grandfather that Seg has made it back from the Phantom Zone.

4. Seg stayed on Kandor to reconnect with Lyta, he manages to do that and they end up in bed together, He’s telling her about the visions of the Future and tells her they could change it but Lyta asks Seg to follow her and they go to meet Seg’s son, Cor-vex. Lyta also told Zod Seg has returned.

5. Seg uses the “i’m the father of Zod” card on a few medbay workers to get access to a place he’s not supposed to. While there he finds out Zod has reconditioned Lyta to make her trust him more. Zod captures Seg and does the same thing this is when we find out Brainiac is still a huge part of Seg.


6. Zod has played the Rebels and They’ve went straight into his hands, Zod has tainted the oxygen supplies killing all but Adam, Kem and a rebel inside the place but Lyta has a squad with her and has captured Adam, Kem and the rebel.

What Was Bad?

1. Adam thinks that with Zod being the leader of Krypton, Brainiac inside Segand a war brewing between the rebels and Zod is his fault because he saw a vision of the future where time was stood still and completely broken.

2. Lyta allowed the Sagitari to kill civilians because of Zod’s order so this causes Dev to go AWOL from the Sagitari and leave to head out the the outterlands while abandoning Lyta.


Holy Shit Moment

When Seg get’s forced into the recondition machine, he goes through the process of it before escaping and we see a photo of Seg’s body and Brainiac’s body together in the machine so Brainiac is still very much alive.

The Verdict

Really strong episode. Very good scenes between Seg and Lyta, Seg and Zod.. Still the “Seg being Zods father” story arc is weird. Disappointed in Lobo not being in this episode because he made the past 3 episode incredible. The story leaves me wanting more after each episode.


Rating: 7/10

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