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Mortal Kombat – The Excitement is Real

Recently we got our first trailer for the Mortal Kombat movie and seeing the fan reaction online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is amazing.

Everything I’m seeing is making me even more excited, Although I would class myself as a casual fan, I have played the games and watched the old movies but there is something about this movie which feels special.

The trailer gave of a real serious vibe, that there is real stake in the movie. The actors are all excited and hyped which is making the Mortal Kombat fanbase even more excited.

The best thing about it is that the cast are fans as well, they are getting joy and praise from fans for doing this movie correctly, putting all their effort and energy into the movie, into the dialogue, and even more energy into the action sequences.

I spoke to one of the biggest Mortal Kombat YouTubers, unCAGEDgamez about the movie.

“I’m very excited about this film, it looks like it could finally be the first actual good video game movie!”


And I couldn’t agree more, while we’ve had more video game inspired movies in the past, they ultimately haven’t lived up to how great that said game was.

This feels different with this upcoming Mortal Kombat movie. It does feel like it could finally be the first good video game movie, and this could actually lead into a great live-action franchise, as we’ve seen with the Mortal Kombat games, there is a endless range of story to tell.

I’ve watched the trailer countless times it is that good. Each time I spotted even more background detail that I didn’t notice the first time. From character weapons or gadgets.

We’ve also got more characters to introduce, like Johnny Cage. He is a huge character in the Mortal Kombat franchise, so having him be introduced at the end of this movie or in a potential sequel would be huge.

Let’s not forget, the Mortal Kombat fans reaction to the fatalities in the movie, this is something those fans have wanted in a movie since, well since forever.

I can not wait to review this movie, I’m hyped for it, it grows even more on a daily basis. I’m even going to buy the game closer to the movies release to play and get even more excitement for it.

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