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My Issues With The Acolyte Series

To begin, I don’t think The Acolyte is an unwatchable show but I certainly have my issues with it. Even despite my issues, I can still watch it with an open mind. My issues aren’t around the wokeness of it, that doesn’t bother me. I’m mature enough to be able to look past that.

The show has received a lot of backlash but at this point, it’s pathetic because people can never seem to find the good in Star Wars content anymore. Kenobi, Ahsoka, and now The Acolyte have all received horrendous backlash, I believe you can’t please some Star Wars fans anymore.

My main issue is about how Osha and Mae were born. For me, I get it. We get to see this new aspect of the force but it feels like the goalposts are changing constantly with Disney. When you consider the Original trilogy compared to now where anybody can be force sensitive or we can now heal people almost back from the dead – there’s no straight answer for it anymore.

I think how Anakin conceived was deemed unique. He is the Chosen One after all. The fact two random witches were able to conceive twins takes a great deal away from how special Anakin’s conception was. The next time I watch the Prequels I don’t think I’ll feel the same way about it moving forward.

My next issue is with Kelnacca. So, he just died?

Unfortunately not everything gets to be included for budget and story reasons, we had an early draft that showed his fight and death scene but it ultimately broke the POV of the episode in a way that I think wouldn’t have worked as well.

Episode writer Claire Kiechel on X

I’m sorry but the above is total bulls***. The show had a massive budget in itself. POV reasons as well? Nah. When we saw Kelnacca with a lightsaber mark across the chest I immediately became unimmersed. Why didn’t we see this? We should have. Even the biggest critics of the show were excited by Kelnacca and the only thing we’re now going to look forward to with him is the flashback scenes (if it happens) – speaking of which…

An entire episode dedicated to a flashback that could’ve been done in 10 minutes at most was a waste of the budget as the writer so happily put it.

It feels like there’s so much wasted potential. We’re 4 episodes in and still yet to understand who the main villain is. We’re yet to see Yoda despite him being the Grand Master Jedi around this time. We seen Ki-Adi-Mundi that nobody cares about. I believe we’ve seen Plo Kloon as well but I can’t be certain it was him.

Overall, the show’s been okay. It hasn’t been great and it hasn’t been as disgustingly bad as people make out. It’s the weakest Star Wars show that Disney has put out. There are 4 episodes to turn it around but judging by how some of the executives have handled the criticism of this show needs to be addressed because it’s embarrassing.

Credit: The Acolyte // Disney

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