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The CW’s Stargirl Doesn’t Get The Credit It Deserves

Stargirl’s first season was released on 18th May 2020. I’m going to be brutally honest, when the show was released, I didn’t care for it. Even after episode 1 dropped, I still didn’t care.

However, fast forward to the end of season 1 and we rated it a perfect 10/10. Every episode was 10/10 in the first season. We then introduced a new rating system which resulted in the second season still receiving a massive 8.9/10.

The thing I love most about Stargirl is the types of seasons it has. The first one was brutal but generic. The second season was dark with horror elements and the current season is a murder mystery type season so far.

It’s brilliant. It twists and turns constantly with elements of surprise throughout. It’s something The CW couldn’t do with a lot of shows on its panel.

The issue I have with Stargirl is that it’s weirdly forgettable. Before season 3 came out, I completely forgot about it. I put this down to The CW’s always weak marketing. Due to this, people sleep on the show because it’s not hyped up enough about how good it actually is.

The cast is stacked. We’ve got the JSA (Justice Society of America), the ISA (Injustice Society of America), and many other characters that have been built beautifully. This is it after all. Characters are genuinely given proper backstories so we understand who each person is and why they’re there. The Shade during season 2 is a prime example of this.


Each character has their own personality. No 2 characters are the same. Each of them has its own suit which works due to their design of them. It all falls full circle when the writing alongside the suits and character development is perfectly done.

You have characters such as The Crocks family that have been developed from being this villainous interesting family to delivering one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen in season 3’s episode 3 against Starman, but also somewhat redeeming themselves throughout.


Then we’ve got the villains. Season 1 was Icicle, the second was Eclipso and the third is yet to be known. Both of those villains so far were brutal, dark, interesting and so damn entertaining. Icicle was nasty and Eclipso just generally wanted to see the world die. They don’t always need to have a reason as to why they’re doing what they’re doing, sometimes it’s nice to have a villain who is the way they are just simply because they’re a dick.

I am seriously worried that the show may be canceled after season 3 simply because The CW seems too trigger-happy in just canning shows. Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Naomi, and other non-comic book shows were binned as well.

If the show is canceled, then I seriously hope that HBO Max can pick it up.

If you haven’t seen or heard of Stargirl then I seriously advise you to at least look into it. It’s a God-tier show that doesn’t get the credit it deserves.


Daniel Lewandowski

29 years old. Founder, and co-owner of Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Comic Universe website.

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  1. So let’s get this straight, you think “Every episode was 10/10 in the first season” and that “It’s a God-tier show”, but on the same note, you think it’s “brutally generic” and ultimately “forgettable”. Yet you blame it for being a forgettable show on weak marketing?

    Don’t you think referring to the show as perfect and being God-tier is a tad hyperbolic?

    I was looking forward to the show and wanted to like it, but the acting in season one was downright atrocious, that along with the weak dialogue made it hard to watch. I haven’t gone back to it since the first season.

    1. I made an error in the article. The “brutally generic” was supposed to read “brutal but generic”. That’s a good thing. Villains can be that and still be entertaining which Icicle was. The season was a typical a superhero show where it’s being built up, that’s why I wrote it that way. Again, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. It played it safe and it played out for me personally.

      The show is forgettable. Everyone I’ve spoken to who loves the show says the same thing. Again, I’m not saying it’s “forgettable” because it’s bad. It’s forgettable because The CW don’t market the show correctly. So, over time you begin to forget about it when there’s several other shows being released at the same time. This was usually the case before all of The CW shows were cancelled.

      If you didn’t like it after the first season then that’s okay, you’re entitled to dislike a show.

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