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The Flash Reaches 150 Episodes

The Flash over on The CW is reaching 150 episodes with it’s upcoming episode, a major milestone for any TV show that has been made. It’s incredible, and I can say I’ve been here from the beginning to watch it, even longer if you technically count the leaked pilot episode before the actual show premiered.

Over the years, we’ve seen many characters grew and develop and some not so much, but over the course of the show’s history, we’ve been introduced to characters that, I wouldn’t say “wouldn’t be used” but potentially wouldn’t be given the time in a live-action property, especially under the supervision of Warner Bros.

The Good

Let’s speak about some of the good moments. The entire first season of the series was amazing, each episode kept me on the edge of my seat and I always craved for the next episode to release. The characters were all incredible in that season, from seeing Barry grow as a scientist and as a hero, seeing him grow into the role of “The Flash” or otherwise known in season one as “The Streak”.

The Reverse Flash was the major villain of the season. The Reverse Flash was played by Tom Cavanagh but ultimately as the season went on, we saw that Tom Cavanagh wasn’t the original Eobard Thawne, Matt Letscher was the original Reverse Flash but stole Harrison Wells identity. This was an incredible reveal and so thought out and slowly built up over time.

The story was amazing as well. Essentially seeing Barry Allen wage the war on crime by searching and always believing in the impossible, it was incredible and delivered some of the show’s best episodes. This also leads into season 2 when even that season continued it’s great reveals, story, characters, and villains.

I could speak about every season which had great reveals and stories, but I think you can get the idea of what I’m trying to say. Overall the course of the show’s history, we’ve had some incredibly nice suits for The Flash, they’ve always looked absolutely incredible. Especially in the later seasons.


Let’s not mention the villain’s suits, Zoom, the black, blue hints, and blue lightning, which was absolutely nice, one of the best suits on the entire show. Savitar’s robotic suit, also incredible, from what started as a CGI render ended up being made into an actual suit and it was literally incredible in both aspects.

When mentioning suits, I can not speak about suits and not mention Godspeeds, the nicest of the suits in my opinion. Even Godspeed’s pure white lightning is incredible and easy to spot when he’s running. His design is so great it stands out in each scene, even when with The Flash, my attention always goes to Godspeed simply because of his design.

The Bad

With good, always comes bad, and this show has had it’s bad side of things, from entire episodes to insanely bad characters such as “Chillblaine”. While I could talk about how Chillblaine is a bad character for literally an entire article, I’ll choose to speak on some other bad decisions the show’s writers have made over the course of the show’s history.

Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm (one half). We got introduced to Ronnie in season one who we learned that he was Caitlin Snow’s fiance, after the events of the beginning of season one, Ronnie got affected by the particle accelerator and fused with Martin Stein, he later learned to control the Firestorm matrix and he returned, got back together with Caitlin, got married and even in the season one finale, essentially disappeared and never seen again which was disappointing, although later down the line we got introduced to Jefferson Jackson, another version of Firestorm.

The decision to kill off a great Cicada and replace him with a female Cicada who let the story down, not by being a woman, but this version of Cicada never truly lived up to the original Cicada which honestly, took me out from the story for the season. She wasn’t as ruthless or even scary as the original.

The next bad point I can think of is, simply, Kid Flash, while the actor and his origins were both incredible and done well, his suit was amazing to see, Kid Flash was ultimately let down by the writers. Which was a shame, eventually Kid Flash dropped out of the story from The Flash and made his way to Legends of Tomorrow where he had an alright story but then once again, ultimately bad writing and eventually disappeared from the story and hasn’t been seen again.


The Future of the Show

The future of the show looks great, I can’t exactly speak on it yet but from the 2-part finale coming up which has introduced the viewers to Bart Allen aka Impulse, Nora West-Allen aka XS, as well as bringing back fan-favorite speedster, Jay Garrick looks to be shaping up to be an incredible finale for season 7.

The show has already been renewed for season 8 and a few actors have been given 2 season contract extensions so that gives me hope that a season 9 will be in the pipeline for release next year. With so many characters left to introduce, the show seems to have no shortage of characters they can bring in or bring back. I’ll be excited to see who they bring in and why.

While many fans want a speedster to be the main villain, which I do think is needed, I think they could bring in any speedster they want, from Red Death, Daniel West, and many more to choose from, I think the show will slowly get back to how the earlier seasons were.

Congratulations to the cast, crew, showrunners, and writers for reaching 150 episodes of The Flash.

Photo: The Flash on The CW.


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