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Top 3 Things I’d Like To See In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

I think the hype for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is in full effect now for me personally. After seeing content creators talk about their hands-on experience playing the game recently on a six-month-old build and hearing just how perfect the game is truly excited me.

As we get closer to release, I feel as though we will be talking about it a lot on the site. In today’s article, I want to talk about 3 things I want to see within the game.

1. Expanded and True Symbiote backstory

This will 100% likely be in the game but I want a full in-depth backstory for the symbiote. I do not want them to just say “It landed on Earth and we used it”, I want a full backstory with Venom himself explaining it. Ideally, I would like to hear Venom speak about his planet, Knull, and maybe other symbiotes.

2. Spider-Verse hints

Within the animated movie universe, they have dived massively into Miles Morales, his character, his family, and in general the Spider-verse. Within two movies we have hundreds of Spider-Men from every corner of the Spider-verse, within the movies, we have been teased with Marvel’s Spider-Man.

I want the game to hint or tie into that. Whether it is just in speaking, joking, or even Peter mentioning it. From the trailers, with the ability to glide through these portal-looking things to gain speed, it does look like the same kind of animation from those movies, so I hope it is.

3. Other superheroes

In the first game, we had Avengers Tower and Peter even mentioned the Avengers being on the West Coast. However, this was later removed in the remastered version of the game. I want Peter to mention other superheroes within this world.


We know Insomniac Games are working on a Wolverine game so this would be the perfect opportunity to mention him. They probably removed the Avengers mention because of the hellfire that was the Marvel’s Avengers game.

It would be nice to get mentions of the Defenders, Black Panther, and maybe a few other heroes to truly expand this world and not have to purely revolve around Spider-Men.

Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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