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Top 3 “What If” Stories I’d Want to See

Over the course of live-action movies, animated TV shows, or movies, and every single conversation about comic book stories, people will always tend to dive into the question of “What if” and give a story outcome that they would like to see play out, etc.

I think people enjoy doing and talking about these what-ifs, whether in person, text, article, or fan fiction. It’s always a fascinating subject to speak about.

I personally have a bunch of what-ifs I would like to see.

3. Anakin never turned to the dark side?

This is probably the most talked about what-if situation. I think the story of what is Anakin didn’t turn, how would the prequel movies, as well as the sequel play out? Would the galaxy have peace or would it simply be the same, many Jedi die, some go into hiding, or what? I think there are many great fan fictions that truly capture this but I would like to see this in an animated movie or tv show.

2. What if Thanos won?

This is a new story to me and this is purely based on the Endgame final battle, if Thanos did manage to do a second snap, we know he wanted to create a new universe without the Avengers and co but what would that universe be like? This would make for a perfect episode in Marvel’s What If…? series.

1. What if Steve chose Bucky?

Now this is a weird one. It’s purely a what-if thought more than a story. What is at the end of Endgame, played out similarly, the heroes won, Steve chooses to stay with Peggy and he chooses his own new Captain America. Instead of Sam, Steve chooses Bucky on the principle that he has changed, he has come to be the Bucky Steve knew all those years ago. What would the events of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier be? Would Bucky make a decent Captain America, would he be hesitant of taking up that mantle?


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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