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Top 5 Fast & Furious Spin-offs I Would Like to See

Whether you love or hate, a fan or not a fan, everyone has to admit that the Fast and Furious movies are fun, over-the-top action-packed, extreme adrenaline movies. They always top each other and have combined into one massive story that gave us a spin-off in Hobbs and Shaw.

With the release of Fast X later this year, it’s been a wild ride that will end, but what other spin-offs could they do to keep the Fast franchise alive? It’s been 4 years since the release of Hobbs and Shaw and well, quite frankly, I loved that movie so here are the top 5 spin-off projects that could work.

05. Hobbs & Shaw 2

In my opinion, Hobbs & Shaw was a great movie; the story felt fresh, and the comedic relationship between The Rock and Jason Statham is genuinely incredible. At the end of the film, it was teased that someone big is in charge of the villain and that they have a connection to both main stars and I feel like that story does need a sequel to truly be complete.

04. Drift King

Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad at a sequel for Tokyo Drift. Arguably one of the great movies in the franchise, Toky Drift delivered a world-turning movie filled with exotic racing, great drifting, and highlighting colored cars. I think Sean Boswell is a character that deserves more than being reduced to a cameo.

03. Shaw

The Shaw family is a well-established name within the Fast universe at this point, we’ve had a mother, two sons, and a daughter. Given what transpired in the Hobbs & Shaw movie, I fully believe that a movie set focused on that family could work. It would be such a great movie, especially with the comedic scenes between the family.

02. A Family Prequel

Now while this list is mainly based on films, this point would work so much better as a series, especially one with a big budget on HBO Max, Prime, or Apple. This would be a prequel to the movies and would work out with the flashbacks in Fast 9, take that cast of young actors or portray the main characters and have them do street racing and work their way up to being that great heist crew that we saw in the original movie. I believe Vin Diesel could narrate over it, similar to how Jensen Ackles narrates over The Winchester series.


01. Jakob Toretto

It doesn’t matter what anything thinks, I 100% believe that the addition of John Cena to this universe great a new breath of life into it. The story we saw for Jakob is incredible, powerful, and emotional. We got to see tidbits within Fast 9, but I feel like his story is yet to be fully told. Jakob has lived a crazy life since he was run out of LA by his own brother, Dom. Give me a full John Cena main character movie and unleash even more madness into this universe. I mean, why not, they already went to space.

I really wanted to put a project that focused on Brian O’Conor but the more I thought about it, we technically that that with the first Fast and Furious movie. I wouldn’t say no to a prequel Brian project but I just think his story is complete, we saw that character be this reckless driver/cop, to a badass street racer, to a father.

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