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What If We Got An Agents of SHIELD Video Game?

As huge video games fans, we’re always looking ahead to the next comic book game. In this series, we take a character or a group and try to organize what a video game could look like with this specific character or group. It’s up to you to decide if you think it works or not.

Agents of SHIELD is without a doubt popular with many Marvel fans, the following that the show has it’s unbelievable, even when the show dipped in terms of quality, the fans remained loyal and stuck with the series. I understand why Agents of SHIELD delivered some great and unique stories.

Not only did the series deliver some unique and great stories, but they also delivered some fantastic characters and brought some characters to live-action and gave them a chance to shine with the likes of Yo-Yo, Hydra, Quake, Grant Ward, and even Coulson himself.

Here is a way they could make an Agents of SHIELD video game and make it absolutely fun.

Why This Group?

Well, as mentioned above, the fanbase and love that this series got were so huge that it ran for 7 seasons, people still talk about it to this day, wanting many characters to return in future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects such as Secret Wars.

I think, if done correctly, this could set a standard for these types of games being delivered by Marvel in the future, I think it would gain more fans, and more popularity for characters, stories, and Marvel video games themselves. Agents of SHIELD is a group which given how they are, could go on and do anything they like within or outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


What Type of Game Would You Do?

I’d straight up make it an action-adventure video game, I would make it so that the video game would follow the team’s journey on missions, with a different section of the story, told from a perspective of someone different, similar to Detroit: Become Human, I would give each character a different plot but ultimately connect the stories together.

The game would be played from a third-person view, with multiple characters being able to be playable, and the choices in the video game will affect the characters later in the story. I would implement a system where you can walk about and interact with objects, slightly open-world but not so much as a video game like Grand Theft Auto, more like Detroit: Become Human or Call of Duty.

What Would The Game Include?

Obviously, the game would include a long story, with great action, dialogue, and gameplay. The game would also include choices or options on how to affect the story, characters, action, or events in a larger scale story, maybe a Marvel Cinematic Universe story. For example, You could choose if you want to allow Loki to stab Agent Coulson, or you could choose whether or not you want to save him and change his story.

The game would be mildly open-world, with the aspect of you, the player, being able to walk, interact, talk, and make choices but not so much that the open-world feature allows you to walk around an entire map like in Grand Theft Auto or a game of similar magnitude.

Ultimately, in a game like this, you wouldn’t need to have upgrades or perks, or anything along those lines, when you first load into the game, you’d have the upgrades, perks, and abilities needed for the story, for example, if you were playing as Agent Coulson, you’d have access to all of the abilities that he had as Director of SHIELD, if you were playing as Quake, you’d have her powers, moveset, etc.

As for the open-world side of things, each part of the story would take place in different parts of the universe, the quinjet, the SHIELD base, New York City, and places that were shown in the actual Agents of SHIELD series, to give it that aspect of connectivity.


Let’s talk about customization, in a video game like this, you wouldn’t truly need to customize how characters look as they are set in stone at this point, however, I would give the option on the pause menu to allow players to change the clothing of characters, different color suits for Coulson, Tactical outfits for Ward, Supersuit for Quake, and more. Just to give the game and players that extra sense of realism.

While there are many other things I could add, I feel like these points are the baseline for the story, you don’t need to overdo the video game to make a decent video game, Detroit: Become Human was pretty much a set in a stone video game, no customization or anything, just throws you into the video game and basically says “away you go”, and it absolutely worked, the game was incredible, delivered a powerful story and some great visuals.

Is It Likely To Happen?

It is possible, anything regarding Marvel is at this point, but an Agents of SHIELD video game like this is unlikely to happen, as much as the fanbase for the group is there, Marvel just will not create this type of game surrounding these great characters.

I don’t even believe it’s been a thought in someone’s mind at Marvel to build this type of game with the Agents of SHIELD members. While the game could be insanely great, I just don’t know if it would do the numbers in sales that Marvel would want it to have.


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