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Why I’d Love A Red Hood Spin-Off From Titans

Titans is one of those hate-it-or-love-it type shows. We can all agree that the show does have issues from time to time, but on the overall scale, we absolutely love it.

One of the characters I feel has been done very well is Jason Todd (Curran Walters). He showed up in season 1 as Dick Grayson’s replacement for Robin and there was a gradual build-up ever since.

In season 2 we see him become an outcast, determined to prove to Bruce Wayne that he’s capable. In season 3, we get the brutal scene of him being killed by the Joker in the infamous crowbar killing. The one thing they did wrong was having him be revived by Scarecrow instead of Talia al Ghul.

He becomes Red Hood in his first villainous ways in season 3 as he sets his sights on destroying the Titans and Bruce Wayne, until the end where he redeems himself and helps the Titans.

A spin-off has been teased, even by Curran Walters himself.

“I have no idea! (laughs) [But] Of course [I’d want to do a Red Hood show]! Of course. I love this character, you know, I grew up with this character now, so…that would be absolutely amazing, yeah.”

Cosmic Circus interview

Unfortunately, although Bruce Wayne/Batman has been heavily overused in recent years, one of the many things that haven’t been given justice is the Batfamily itself, more so Red Hood.

Jason Todd is a vital part of Batman’s vigilante career. Going from Robin to donning the hood and becoming more of an anti-hero.

Titans has been the only show so far that’s included Jason Todd which is a damn shame. I’m fully expecting Matt Reeves to introduce members of the Batfamily into Pattinson’s films but until then, this is all we have.

I don’t mind it to an extent, Curran Walters was a fantastic Robin and he nails the Red Hood persona down to a T.

One of the reasons why I believe a spin-off would not only work but be great is due to the fact that the Titans roster is getting stacked more season by season. It’s not to say that Todd could never show up, but it would allow us to get a fully invested show revolving solely around Red Hood, his personality, his characteristics, his weapons, fighting, and everything else.

By doing this as well, it also means this universe can be expanded. The Arrowverse is now all but done. Due to the fact we have superhero universes that are now all as one, such as the MCU and DCEU, the TV side makes a lot of sense to ensure it’s all in the same place.


Expanding Titans into a spin-off show opens the doors for any future characters to also receive their own show.

As the Titans world is set not too far as Batman has given up the cowl, we’ve had mentions of The Riddler and other characters there as well, there’s a mass selection of villains to choose from that Red Hood can sink his teeth into. I know Bruce Wayne is retired as Batman at this point but I’d imagine his rogue gallery can still be used for Red Hood. It can also pave the way for Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond).

I think, all in all, Red Hood is one of my favorite DC characters alongside Batman, this is why I want this so much. Ever since the rumors began circulating, I desperately wanted them to be true. HBO Max has done a great job with the Titans since season 2 and I can only imagine it’s going to get better as the seasons pass by, there’s just so much scope for opportunities.

As of now, we’re not sure when season 4 will be here. We do know that Sebastian Blood will be included regularly and played by Joseph Morgan. The script hasn’t been long finished, we expect filming to commence very soon. I believe the show could air early-ish 2023.


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