Fact Checking Policy

100% Accurate Headlines & Articles

At Comic Universe, we always strive to be completely accurate in all our articles. That means spending time in researching a particular topic before publishing our content to the public. In the very rare occasion that we do get something wrong, we will be the first to hold our hands up high in the air, and apologise.

We are heavily against clickbait articles, as seen here in our Ethics Policy. Under no circumstance do any of our writers publish any headline containing blatant clickbait.

We may not be the first to publish news, however, you should find comfort in knowing when Comic Universe publishes an article, it’s accurate, transparent, and holds all and any information required.

Official Comments

When an article refers to a specific person, we always conduct further research in interviews, social media posts, or even attempt to reach out ourselves. We will never publish any article containing phrases from people that are not true – this includes rumours as well.

Considering Our Opinions

More importantly, when we publish any news, review, or ranking article, we love to throw our opinion into the fold. This is what sets us different than the rest. We do this to create conversation, and potential friendly debates on certain topics. You will often see in our articles asking for comments on what we’ve wrote, and we truly welcome all and any friendly comments coming through.

At no point will we attempt to belittle any person, for any reason. We will only publish facts on the actual news sides of things. We also don’t resort to any form of slander on any company. We like to remain fair in our opinions, sometimes prompting disagreements but we are very open in hearing those out.

If we post anything that contradicts what we have posted above, we would invite you to use our contact form, and get in touch. We keep this policies in place to ensure fair, accurate, and transparent articles from Comic Universe.

Ranking Articles

These articles are solely our own opinion, and often contain content referring to “worst to best”, or top 5 scenarios for example. These are exclusive to us, and only contain our own views while again, remaining fair, welcoming comments open for debate. These articles will never be published for the sake of adverts. Majority of the time, these articles are well thought of, and often discussed internally to create the lists in order to publish them transparently.

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