A Comic Universe Theory: Where Was Grogu During The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy?


Grogu, or still better known as Baby Yoda has been an internet sensation ever since he first appeared in the first episode of The Mandalorian. The internet went wild on his first appearance because let’s be honest, he’s so damn cute. Merchandise was quickly put on the shelves by Disney, ensuring a very generous profit for Disney.

From that point, even despite The Mandalorian show focusing on Din Djarin, A lone gunslinger, and one of the last surviving Mandalorians, Grogu seems to be just as popular, if not, slightly more so it’s understandable that people will ask questions in regards to his future within the universe. There’s a lot of Reddit posts out there that create theories based on Grogu’s whereabouts, and some of those are very similar to our overall theory as well.

It is worth noting, this isn’t what happens. This is just a theory, and we spent quite a bit of time discussing this between ourselves to see what the best course of action would be for the character and the potential future for Grogu. After all, this is a question so many people want to know and I hope this is a theory that you can agree with, if not, our comment sections are open, we’d love to hear what your thoughts are.


So, essentially, the character was not created when sequels came out. He may have been created, but it would have been very touch and go with Episode 9. It’s understandable anyway that the writers and showrunners would prefer to wait for Grogu to be introduced in The Mandalorian, and not the movies.

Despite the Sequels focusing on Kylo Ren and the First Order, plus some other protagonists we know the Star Wars universe is huge, and it’s very likely this wasn’t the only war or battles going on during the movies. We do know the Yuuzhan Vong War was going on at this time too. You can actually check out the Wookieepedia page by clicking here for more information on the battle.

We do know at the end of The Mandalorian season 2, Grogu went with Luke Skywalker in order to train in the ways of the force. We don’t know how that training went if he completed it and remained at the temple when Kylo massacred everyone if he went into hiding etc. That’s where our theory will begin.


As of right now, we have no idea what Disney wants to do with Grogu. I do believe they have a plan in place for the future of the character, whether that be death, his own series/movies, or cameo appearances going forward. The one thing I do know as a fact after reading hundreds of comments, nobody, and I mean nobody wants to see Grogu just killed off. Whether on or off-screen. It wouldn’t make sense to build this character they have just to kill him off before we get to see Yoda’s species in their prime.

The theory part 1 – The Mandalorian

Due to the success of The Mandalorian, we likely have a number of seasons left in the tank. My theory would begin shortly after the fall of the temple. Grogu heads back to Din on Mandalore after being restored to avoid the massacre from Kylo Ren. This is where we would separate the Sequels to this story. A new villain would be written and introduced, and Din Djarin would ultimately fall to this new villain, around 20 years from the point we’re at now. The reason why our theory includes the death of Din is 3 reasons.

  1. It gives the new villain a major impact by killing one of the most promiment Mandalorian’s to exist.
  2. It would give Din a good send off, especially being 20 years in the future. He’s roughly between 36-39 years old now, 20 years into the future would put him around 56-59 give or take.
  3. This would allow Manalore to fall to Grogu as Din’s predeccor.

After the death of Din, Mandalore falls to Grogu, who’s well trained in the force and now a fully-fledged Jedi Knight. He gains the Beskar armor and the Dark Saber making him the second Mandalorian Jedi. It would also add a unique point that a Jedi is not only wielding the Dark Saber but also utilizing Beskar armor. Alongside both of those, and being in the same species as Yoda would make him extremely powerful.

After all, Din has made enemies in his time already in the 2 seasons we’ve seen, so it makes sense he would have a target on his back. This is how Grogu and the new villain would cross paths, and come to battle one another. The First Order would resurrect with Kylo and Snoke at the helm, but with the war going on elsewhere, this is where Grogu would head instead of focusing on The First Order, because, in our theory, our new villain would be heading to the war. With the number of deaths and casualties within this war, it makes sense that’s where he would head.

After all, with the First Order rising to prominence very quickly, our villain would be part of that, be a Sith, and leading a charge within the war itself.

The theory part 2 – Sequel trilogy

In Legends, the Yuuzhan Vong War was a Galaxy-wide war, with many planets ravaged and had a death toll of over 300 trillion civilians and widespread devastation on many planets, and we know with recent stories in The Mandalorian that they are adopting some Legends stories and bringing them over to the Canon side of Star Wars, for example, the return of Boba Fett.


This happened shortly after the fall of Palpatine, the beginning of the war started around 25 ABY, around 20 years after the fall of the Empire, in Canon, we know there was peace between 5ABY and 28 ABY, so if they adopt the Yuuzhan Vong War story and bring it to Canon, this would fit right in around there and continue to just before the sequel movies where the First Order arose.

We know that The Mandalorian is set 5 years post-Episode 6 of The Star Wars movies, in that time Grogu is 50 years old so if he doesn’t die after the point of where we are now in the timeline, Grogu would have been training for a good 20 years, and nonetheless, he would be training with Luke Skywalker and maybe even Ashoka Tano and Ezra bridge (if the Ahsoka series goes that route).

At this point, Luke would be in hiding after the fall of his Jedi Academy, Grogu could be with Ahsoka Tano, or maybe even trained to a point where he can choose to do what he wants to do as a fully-fledged Jedi Knight, we also know that around the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War, there is a new Sith Order called the One Sith that is in hiding and this could be a perfect villain for Grogu.

Why it makes sense

Realistically, this makes sense, you can easily connect every point to each other in some way, shape, or form. Grogu will obviously be around for a while, if he isn’t killed, we know that the species that Grogu and Yoda are can live for many years with Yoda being the perfect example, they are insanely great with the Force and Jedi abilities, Yoda lived until he was 900 years old and at that age, around 850, he was still flipping around dueling Palpatine.

While the timeline between the movies Episodes 6 and 7 are yet to be explored in live-action, it seems odd that they’d just have the galaxy in peace and not do anything with the great Jedi that is still alive, you have Grogu, Ezra, Ahsoka, potentially Cal Kestis, and many more.

There is also a lot of questions raised from Star Wars projects which have recently been released, Where is Grogu in this part of the Timeline, where is Cal Kestis, is he still alive and still a Jedi Knight? So many questions have been raised, with Grogu and him choosing to go fight in this Yuuzhan Vong War, someone of his potential, at that ages would be in his prime or near enough at the beginning of it, someone of his potential wouldn’t just sit back and allow a war which would have killed over 300 trillion people, he’d do something, he’s a Force-sensitive being which would go and fight, at this point this will be the major war in the galaxy, the First Order truly hasn’t risen yet, they are still waiting for their return, Snoke would just be getting created by the Sith acolytes on Exogal, Grogu would be able to travel and fight in this war, we know there is Darth Krayt and a few other Sith’s kicking about in this time period so why would a Jedi not go and fight?


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