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Agents of SHIELD “Stolen” Review

Season 7 Episode 10 “The team arrives back in 1983, where Nathaniel and Kora are hard at work building an army; Daisy is tasked with protecting Jiaying; the others learn they’ll need to face another supercharged enemy to stop Malick.”

What I Liked?

1. We start off with Nathanial in a SHIELD Bar, He’s talking to a young kid who’s itching to make a bet on the darts. Nathanial mentions that he and SHIELD are on a path to falling out, the kid looks confused… It’s a young John Garrett who was played by the late great Bill Paxton in season 1.

2. The team decides to help Jiaying by saving the Inhumans at Afterlife. Jiaying mentions to Coulson that he has to bring back her daughter, Kora, Daisy looks shocked and gets mad at May for not telling her about her sister. May explains that the timeline they came from, Kora might not have been alive since she nearly committed suicide.

3. Simmons is trying to find out things about Fitz, She hints at Fitz being a Chronicom since the time machine has been jumping to wrong destinations. Could Fitz truly be dead and is a Chronicom in the future?

4. Coulson goes to the Afterlife and is immediately captured by Nathanial, they bring him to John Garrett who knows who Coulson is because he’s seen the time stream. Garrett and Coulson talk about each other’s deaths with Garrett saying his favorite Coulson death is when he was killed by a “long-haired creepo that stabbed you with a pointy stick”, nice little Loki mention.

5. Sousa talks Daisy into speaking to Jiaying, Daisy and Jiaying talk about family, powers, and other stuff, Daisy mentions that she was close with her mother, not telling Jiaying she is her mother.


6. Sousa and Simmons get ambushed by Garrett who now has teleportation powers from Gordon the Inhuman. He kidnaps Simmons and Nathanial hijack the Zephyr with Deke on board.

What I Disliked?

Nothing to truly report this week.

Favorite Moment

May meets the young John Garrett, she tries to fight him but he’s using his new powers although still getting the hang of them, he goes after Simmons while Daisy is trying to get Jiaying to safety, they run into Nathanial, his Quake powers are far more in-tune than Daisy’s so he hits her with them then Jiaying finds out she’s Daisy’s mother so they try to stop Nathanial but he ends up snapping her neck which causes Daisy to get truly angry.

Standout Character

John Garrett, It was great getting to see a young Garrett before he went mad, before Hydra and before he met Grant Ward. James Paxton truly was amazing as a young version of the character his father once played.

The Verdict

An incredible episode, from start to finish, everything was great. The best episode of the season! the action was great, the story was moving and amazing. James Paxton was amazing as a young john Garrett.

Rating: 9/10


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