Arkham Asylum TV Series Not Moving Forward

The planned TV show which would have focused on the Arkham Asylum is not moving forward at Max.

Back in October 2022, it was reported that Antonio Campos had come on board to serve as a writer and showrunner of the series which would have been set in the world that Matt Reeves has created revolving the Batman.

While it’s confirmed that the series is not moving forward, it is always possible to see a new project set in the infamous asylum in the future. The reaction to The Penguin series would be a major factor in this and any future TV show going forward.

Originally announced in July 2020, the series had a commitment at the time but the show itself was meant to focus on the inner workings of the Gotham PD as featured in The Batman movie.

Back then, Terrence Winter was attached to be the writer and executive producer but left the project in November 2020 due to creative differences. Joe Barton was then brought in to write but Warner Bros. ultimately decided to part ways.

In an interview given in 2022, Matt Reeves stated that the Gotham PD show was not happening but the story evolved into what would have been the Arkham Asylum show which was described as a “horror movie or haunted house that is Arkham”.


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