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Can It Be Justified? #3

Welcome to our brand new series, where we look online for the most ridiculous comments and opinions we can find. Some comments may not seem ridiculous, but cause a storm among certain fan bases we’d just love to weigh in on. We take the comment, think about it, and try to justify it to see if the comment holds any form of value whatsoever.

We will not showcase who wrote these comments, only what the comment was, and also the context in which it was written if there was any.

Please note before we start. All of these comments are based on opinion, and ours are as well. This is just meant for fun, and not offend anyone, or meant to be serious in any way.

1. Baby Yoda is cancelled after episode 2 of season 2 of The Mandalorian

Can it be justified? Yes, to an extent. I wouldn’t go as far as saying “cancelled” completely, however, I can completely understand the perspective of why people are upset. Genocide is a bit much, but I will admit I never liked Baby Yoda eating the eggs like a Haribo mix-up pouch. Even the executives responded. Baby Yoda sells a LOT of merch, it’s unlikely but again, I can see why people are annoyed.

2. Civil War ll was an unnecessary event and a waste of time (the comic series)

Can it be justified? Yes. It was unnecessary and they ruined Captain Marvel’s character. It also had further unnecessary killings by killing off War Machine and the Hulk. The whole idea surrounding the story wasn’t a strong enough reason for all of the heroes to be fighting each other.

3. Iron Man 1 is better than Spider-Man 2 (Tobey Maguire)

Can it be justified? Yes, absolutely. I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge Iron Man fan, I just prefer Iron Man 1 above most superhero movies. This is solely down to an opinion, I can see why people prefer Spider-Man 2, and I can see why people prefer Iron Man. It’s two completely different heroes with different agendas, it’s difficult to compare them as if they’re similar. They were both powerhouses of their time and will continue to be for years to come.


4. Javicia Leslie looks bad in the suit (original Kate Kane suit)

Original Kate Kane suit

Can it be justified? Yes, to a smaller extent. The suit was never made for her, so in reality, it was always going to look a bit weird. Especially after seeing an entire season of Ruby Rose wearing the suit as well. She looks a hell of a lot better in her updated suit, which of course, was made to her. And she looks incredible.

5. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man doesn’t need this much help (written by our very own Phil Weaver himself. You can see the article by pressing here).

Can it be justified? Yes. I think it can be, as much as I want to disagree with the comment. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has had moments where he has stood up on his own, but always really had Tony Stark in his corner, even after he passed with his technology. It makes sense to a story standpoint, but I agree that he should go his own way. Peter Parker is a genius in the comics and even saw this in the PS4 game that he can easily build his own suits with very little technology.

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