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Can It Be Justified? #6

Welcome to our brand new series, where we look online for the most ridiculous comments and opinions we can find. Some comments may not seem ridiculous, but cause a storm among certain fan bases we’d just love to weigh in on. We take the comment, think about it, and try to justify it to see if the comment holds any form of value whatsoever.

We will not showcase who wrote these comments, only what the comment was, and also the context in which it was written if there was any.

Please note before we start. All of these comments are based on opinion, and ours are as well. This is just meant for fun, and not offend anyone, or meant to be serious in any way.

1. Hayden Christensen’s acting was poor in the prequel trilogy as Anakin Skywalker

Can it be justified? No. To call his acting ability poor as Anakin is ridiculous. I have said it a magnitude of times, try and envision Anakin with any other actor – you just can’t. He made the character his own, and if you look at his entire performance in Revenge of the Sith alone, it was absolutely perfect.

Understandably the script was less than perfect, and there are a million different ways the script could have gone in order to make the movies better. However, you can’t knock an actors acting ability based on a script that people weren’t a fan of. Not everything has to be put down to a poor performance when there simply can be other things that deserve the blame more.

2. Andrew Garfield should return to finish his trilogy as Spider-Man

Can it be justified? No. I don’t believe so anyway, and in doing so, you’re kind of taking the spotlight away from Tom Holland. By all means, bring Andrew into the fold but for me, and for us at Comic Universe, Tom Holland is our Spider-Man right now.


Plus, I don’t want another Peter Parker now. Let Tom finish his wonderful run as Peter Parker, then move onto Miles Morales – which is what most people want anyway.

3. Endgame was just an event movie, and it was super boring

Can it be justified? I actually just read this on Twitter. Hell no. An “event movie”, well, obviously…

It was the end of a build up of 22 movies. The 23rd movie in a blockbuster franchise with all events leading up to an all out showdown with Thanos. It was even teased well back in 2011 with Avengers: Assemble. To call this movie super boring is super narrow minded, or you’re just not a fan of superhero content. That’s okay, but just calling the highest blockbuster movie of all time just an “event” film is crazy wrong. It was an event film and everything more than that.

4. Doom Patrol is the best superhero show ever

Can it be justified? Well, I mean absolutely. Doom Patrol is a huge hit among many fans who love the show. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the show myself but I can certainly understand and see why people do love it.

5. The Inhumans show was not that bad

Can it be justified? Yes. I agree it can be justified, I can see from people’s perspectives as to why they never liked the show. Especially when you read the comic books, and how different they are in comparison to the show itself.

We loved the show, granted, it had its issues where I fully get the complaints. The show was the first ever to be filmed in IMAX and let’s be honest, Black Bolt was incredibly well done. It had huge potential, and I honestly wholeheartedly believe that another season would have changed people’s minds. The same way Iron Fist did.


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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