Chris Hemsworth Takes The Blame For “Thor: Love and Thunder”

It looks like Chris Hemsworth is still being haunted by the massive disaster that was the fourth installment of Thor “Thor: Love and Thunder” back in 2022. He recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair’s 2024 issue where he revealed that Marvel fans “deserve” another Thor movie.

The actor, having already admitted that the movie was “too silly” for its own good last year to GQ has come out and said, “I got caught up in the improv and the wackiness, and I became a parody of myself,”. He told Vanity Fair “I didn’t stick the landing.”

He also admitted to being “frustrated” with the character while playing him in four standalone Marvel films plus additional Avengers movies. He said “Sometimes I felt like a security guard for the team,” Hemsworth said. “I would read everyone else’s lines, and go, ‘Oh, they got way cooler stuff. They’re having more fun. What’s my character doing?’ It was always about, ‘You’ve got the wig on. You’ve got the muscles. You’ve got the costume. Where’s the lighting?’ Yeah, I’m part of this big thing, but I’m probably pretty replaceable.”

Longtime co-star and Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. refuses to listen to such claims by responding “First off, Thor as a character was super tricky to adapt — lots of implied limitations — but he and Ken Branagh figured out how to transcend, make him somehow relatable but godlike. Hemsworth is, in my opinion, the most complex psyche out of all us Avengers. He’s got wit and gravitas, but also such restraint, fire, and gentleness.”

Honestly, listening to Chris speak about the movie and how badly it was received is interesting and I agree with what he said, I don’t blame him fully but he does need to take some blame as he was the lead actor and would have been listened to, I put like 98% of the blame on the director, Taika Waititi.

I blame Taika Waititi for the movie’s failure and flop. While the movie was outstandingly bad, it had more issues than just “being too funny”. Taika Waititi forced jokes into every sentence and made a mockery of the movie.


I couldn’t go a sentence without having a forced joke in it, even in some serious scenes. It was uncalled for. He also ruined the villain played by Christian Bale. Bale even came out around the time of the release of the movie and said most of the villain’s scenes were lying on the cutting room floor.

Taika Waititi also ruined Jane. While it was nice seeing her suit up as Thor, she felt wasted because of how her character arc ended. This isn’t to mention that the CGI was perfect because, for me, this was the worst-looking Marvel movie. Taika Waititi even did a YouTube video breaking down the VFX and CGI in the movie and even released he made a mistake in the movie and this YouTube video was released at the same time as the movie.

Honestly, Taika Waititi nailed Thor Ragnarok, it had the humor and wasn’t forced. I hate what he turned Thor into in this movie, and I hope we see Chris back as Thor with a new director at the helm and we get to see Thor in a more serious tone.

I hate that Taika Waititi is attached to a Star Wars movie sometime in the next few years, I hate to see what forced jokes he has in this movie. I have no hope for his Star Wars movie.

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