Comic Universe Is Recruiting For Voluntary Writers

Comic Universe is currently expanding, and we need new writers to help us achieve our goals.

We are not looking for anything full on, more a freelance basis. The writing positions are voluntary, with the hopes of being a paid position soon. This is the reason why the writing positions as it stands are on a freelance basis, you write what you want, when you want.

You can choose a show to review on a weekly basis, you can choose to just write about news whenever you see fit.

We’re a very close unit, as there is only 3 of us, and looking to expand the writing staff to 5, meaning there is two brand new writing positions available.

If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the form below!

Only fill in if you reside within the United Kingdom.
We have a Facebook group chat to communicate on topics, and articles going forward.
We are looking in the future to turn all voluntary positions into paid positions, but we have no idea yet as to when that will be.
We need to be careful who we bring in. As an upcoming media company, we need to be cautious of the type of people to represent our brand. A social media platform is required, even if it's just one. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. At least one must be open to see.
We ask this as certain shows air at different times, it's easier for us to establish what articles you may be suited for, depending on the choices you made earlier on.

We will get back in touch within 48 hours if we think you’re a suitable person for the role.


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Comic Universe

The home to the latest, and most accurate news relating to comic book source show/movie material. Reviewing both by a team of two, giving the most personal in-depth opinions on both the shows, and the movies.

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