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Could Star Wars Introduce Task Force 99 into The Bad Batch series?

Star Wars The Bad Batch season 2 is well underway and has been nothing short of fantastic. Every episode has been excellent and I have loved every moment of the series.

Could Star Wars introduce Task Force 99 into the series to counter the Empire’s problem of the enhanced group that is the Bad Batch?

A short bio on Task Force 99;

“Task Force 99, nicknamed Scar Squad, was a squad of elite Stormtroopers led by Sergeant Kreel of the Galactic Empire.”

Members of Scar Squadron:

  • Kreel
  • Cav
  • Misty
  • Mic
  • Shrap
  • Zuke
  • Aero

Kreel or Agent 5241 was an Imperial Elite Stormtrooper and a Sergeant as part of the 501st Legion, Kreel received orders directly from Darth Vader and even had a lightsaber as a weapon. Kreel also went undercover to fool Luke Skywalker.


Cav was an elite Stormtrooper in Kreel’s squad. He was the melee specialist. It can be surmised based on orders given to him from Sergeant Kreel that he was also the main interrogator of the squad as he was instructed to get information from Admiral Verette on decrypting alliance codes.

Misty was an elite stormtrooper sniper and was first shown with the rest of the squad during its investigation of the abandoned Sunspot Prison, a Rebel Alliance facility holding high-security Imperial POWs. Tasked with finding the Imperial prison Kolar Ludd, they found that Ludd was killed before their arrival. Upon reporting his death, Task Force 99 was reassigned to the Ghost Moon to kill off a detachment of rebels located there. He was easily able to guess the positions of rebel snipers nearby soon after landing and followed Cav to find the rest of them and flush them from hiding.

Mic was simply what Tech is to The Bad Batch, the tech expert of the squad. He was an elite stormtrooper that focused on tech aspects.

Shrap was an elite stormtrooper that specialized in demolitions and heavy weapons use. He wielded a flamethrower and explosive charges in his missions.

Zuke was an elite stormtrooper. He was with the squad during their mission to Sunspot Prison and was the heavy gunner in the squad who carried a bazooka.

Aero was a Scar Trooper in Kreel’s stormtrooper squad. He was the engineer of the squad.


Now, this is where this theory so to speak comes into play. The Empire in the current timeline of the Bad Batch series is struggling with taking down, killing, or imprisoning the Bad Batch simply because they don’t have the means, other than Crosshair to take down the squad, so how could they take them down?

The Scar Squadron. Each member of the Scar Squad has an ability or talent similar to someone in the Bad Batch. It would make for an awesome showdown, especially in a finale.

While yes, The Scar Squadron wasn’t introduced until later in the Galactic Empire, around Episode 4-ish A New Hope. The series could easily adapt this squad and just debut them into the animated series a little bit earlier to give us a major showdown.

How would a Sniper on Scar Squadron get involved? Well, another theory of mine would be simply the return of Crosshair to his brothers. We know he’s seemingly hating being at the Empire whether he says it out loud or not, he knows people have escaped or gone AWOL from the Empire. He is ultimately the best sniper in the Empire, so to see him go up against Misty would be amazing.

Remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan when the two snipers were shooting at each other trying to take each other out and the German sniper was using a soldier as bait, imagine that scene just in Star Wars, that is how I’d imagine a Crosshair v Misty battle would go.

What do you think? Will we get to see this elite squad of Stormtroopers?


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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