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Doom Patrol “Immortimas Patrol” Review

Season 4 Episode 9 – After realizing they’re trapped in a continuous loop of music filled Immortimas Days, the Doom Patrol confront the people they’ve become, while reckoning with who they once were.

Please note, our reviews are based on likes and dislikes. These contain significant spoilers. If you haven’t already watched the episode, we recommend that you click off the article and come back once you have watched the episode. Enjoy!

What I Liked

1. The theme of opening credits are sung in an a cappella. This sets you up beautifully for what the rest of the episode will be.

2. The opening scene has our group wake up in the manor celebrating Immortimas Day, a holiday that occurs every day in which people celebrate Isabel Feathers. The entire scene is explained in a happy song.

3. The sex ghosts become human and appear as a Greek chorus as well as the backup dancers for this episode.

4. Both Brendan Fraser and Matt Bomer appear as themselves during this episode, with Cliff and Larry now human due to Immortus’ new reality.


5. Jane and Casey spend time together decorating for Immortimas Day. It doesn’t take long for them to break into a peppy pop song. The song ends with them getting very close to each other. It seems like they’re setting up a romance between the two, which I would be all for. Personally, I ship Jane with Casey far more than I do with her and Shelley.

6. Rita and Rouge sing a song about how they are best friends. When Rouge starts to stamp for some of the decorations, she remembers her time at the Bureau of Normalcy where she forced meta-humans to become weapons and snaps out of her trance.

7. When Rouge puts together that she’s trapped in Isabel’s musical reality, she sings the words “What the F**k?” to which the sex ghosts appear from behind to do the same.

8. Vic and Dorothy build the gingerbread house for Immortimas Day and reminisce about Niles. Dorothy remembers how he loved hot chocolate. The sex ghosts briefly walk by and sing “Papa loved hot chocolate. Too bad he’s dead.” before walking off screen. I was in stitches when I saw this. This was hands down one of the top 5 funniest moments in the show.

9. Casey sees Jane painting a picture of the Underground, which she has no memory of in this reality. When she looks deeper at it, the painting starts to shift. This was a very trippy effect but I loved it.

10. Rouge and Larry (whom she was able to snap out of his trance earlier and get back to his normal self) gather the team to get them their memories back. Rita walks off, but Rouge is able to make Jane and Cliff remember their past by showing their interviews with Niles. When Vic tries to scoff at this, she reminds him about his former life as Cyborg, immediately snapping him out of it.


11. While Jane, Rouge, Larry and Vic want to get out of this reality, Cliff expresses his reluctance to leave, as he is human in this reality. Rouge asks who wants to be the one to tell Rita, to which they all become squeamish through a brief tune pitch before Rouge says “F**k me.” in defeat.

12. Vic tells Dorothy the truth, who is against leaving as well. After she walks away, Vic sings a ballad about whether or not he should leave. However, every time he tries to sing a verse, he keeps getting interrupted, first by Rouge telling him to meet her later about their escape, then by Cliff urinating over the wall, then by Larry who is confused by his song. Vic eventually gives up and just stops singing.

13. Jane tells Casey the truth, who is much more accepting of it due to her outlandish origins. Jane then attempts to let Casey down easy about their moment earlier, saying she’s not looking for a relationship, much to her disappointment.

14. Larry goes to tell Mr. 104 the truth and is able to snap him out of it. To Larry’s surprise, Mr. 104 doesn’t want to leave as they’re safe here and they can be together without consequence. The two then get into a jazzy musical number. At the climax of their song, they end up on a big stage and end their musical number with a passionate kiss, with Larry concluding that he’s right and they should stay.

15. Rouge shows Rita her interview with Niles, who becomes devastated to learn the truth. Rita says she doesn’t want to be a monster anymore. Rouge attempts to comfort her by saying she was never a monster to her. In anger, Rita says that’s only because in their friendship, Rouge was the monster. Rita storms off leaving a hurt Rouge behind.

16. Cliff is confronted by his robot self and the two get into a rock duet. His robot self tries to convince him to snap out of it, while Cliff’s human self expresses his desire to experience life without his robot body. I didn’t think Brendan Fraser could even sing that well, but he sounds amazing.


17. Isabel arrives at the manor and rings the doorbell. The group panics about what they should do and talk over each other giving different solutions. Rita suggests turning the lights off and pretending they aren’t home, Jane suggests poisoning her with the ham, Mr. 104 suggests turning her into boron, while Cliff just tries to suggest them enjoying some deviled eggs. Rouge puts a stop to the argument and asks everyone if they want to stay or go to which they all give a different answer. With no other options, Rita insists that they just let her in and get the dinner over and done with.

18. The group sits with Isabel at the dinner table where the tension is very high. Isabel forces everyone to go around the table and say what they’re thankful for. Predictably, she says herself. She then makes Larry go next, who says that he’s grateful for his new boyfriend and to be with his family. When Isabel makes it clear that she wants him to to praise her as well, Larry nervously says he’s grateful for the pleasure of worshipping her, calling her by her real name. This only further angers her, as she demands to be called Immortus.

19. Rouge goes next and decides to insult her by thanking her for giving her the strength to wipe her butt when she was defecating and states that Immortimas isn’t real. This quickly backfires on her with Immortus using her power to choke Rouge.

20. Rita goes next. She starts out by praising Immortus only to then insult her by stating that she’s a bigger narcissist than she ever was, with her following up by saying she lives a sad and lonely pathetic existence.

21. Cliff tries to diffuse the situation by saying that Rouge and Rita didn’t mean what they said. His desperate attempts at peace are shot down when Dorothy, Casey, Mr. 104 and Vic all express their desire to leave as well and he can only sit back and dread the inevitable outburst that Immortus will have. It is especially hilarious to watch Cliff’s annoyance about how poorly everything is going.

22. Jane finishes up the dinner by saying “F**k you and f**k Immortimas.”


23. Immortus falls down from her chair and quietly cries, only to angrily use her powers on the team. I especially love how she quickly smells the ham as she gets back up. That had to be a moment of improv from the actress.

24. In retaliation for their defiance, Immortus uses the Doom Patrol as human puppets while she sings about how they are all doomed. I especially loved this song for how the tune is the same as the theme song of the show.

25. The group wakes back up in their normal reality, with Cliff now a robot again. Rita sees an autograph left for them by Immortus, which has a note that reads they are all once again doomed as the episode comes to an end.

What I Disliked

Nothing to report this week.

Favorite Moment

The song in which Cliff “drives his stick” is honestly one of the funniest yet still most disgusting things ever put in a comic book show. With how all the other songs were more upbeat and cheesy that showcased how happy the characters were or how they were going through certain situations, it was hilarious to see that Cliff’s song was literally just about him masturbating. Is it gross? Absolutely. Is it hilarious? Even more so. Normally I put the climax or most emotional moments in the episode as my favorite, but here I have to commend the episode for being so bold in giving us this song, with Brendan Fraser appearing as Cliff’s human form to sing it on top of that. I don’t think I’ll forget this scene anytime soon.

Standout Character

It’s very hard to give the MVP award to someone this week, as I thought everyone was equally perfect in this episode. However, if I had to choose one character who deserves the MVP award, it would be Madame Rouge. She’s the first one to figure out what is going on and our characters would have stayed brainwashed in this so-called musical paradise if she didn’t get them back their memories.



I’m honestly shocked it took this long, but after four seasons, we finally got a musical episode for the show. While the songs may not have been the most memorable or catchy, the energy more than made up for it. It might just be the best episode of the season so far. With three episodes down and three left, it’s going to be even harder to say goodbye to our beloved bizarre team, especially after this episode.

Rating 10/10


Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 10
Quality - 10



I’m honestly shocked it took this long, but after four seasons, we finally got a musical episode for the show. While the songs may not have been the most memorable or catchy, the energy more than made up for it. It might just be the best episode of the season so far. With three episodes down and three left, it’s going to be even harder to say goodbye to our beloved bizarre team, especially after this episode.

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