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EA’s Iron Man Game Wishlist – Top 10

EA will be the publisher for the upcoming Iron Man game with Motive Studio developing it. We’re quite a while from release but that doesn’t stop fans speculating what we could have in the new game. Today, I want to look at 10 things I’d love to see within the game. Hopefully, Motive Studio can take a leaf from Respawn’s book and give EA further credit.

1. Good customization

I mean, it’s an Iron Man game so the customization needs to be on point. There’s another point in here that sort of contradicts this in more suits but I want to be able to customize my loadout. I want to choose my weapons, the suit, and the additional extras like Insomniac’s Spider-Man where different suits have different abilities. There’s a lot that can be done here and it needs to be done right.

2. A connected universe (not the MCU)

When it comes to Marvel, DC, Star Wars, or any other franchise that’s as big as this then you do need something else. This can go through with the connected universe. In Insomniac’s Spider-Man, the mere mention of the Avengers when you climb the Avengers Tower added so much to the game. The sheer amount of theories that were brought forward as a result were brilliant. So I just hope this happens as it opens the doors for so much more moving forward.

3. A branching RPG-like story

I always ask for this in these types of games but I never get them. Spider-Man and the Jedi series have done so well in linear paths but I always love the idea of being able to choose how the story goes. It adds so much more immersion to the story when it can branch out based on the decisions we make. I can’t see this being added but I’d like to see it become more immersive.

4. A proper map and not just the desert

The original Iron Man games were basically just in a desert and you flew around that. It was boring and it was dim. I’d like to see the game explore a proper city environment and have access to Tony’s house. I wouldn’t mind exploring desert locations as well but I think a city to explore would be a lot more entertaining for the players, especially being able to fly around.

5. Expansive upgrades/skill tree

Iron Man has 100’s of suits so it only makes sense we’d get to go through that journey as well. However the game begins, no doubt it should start in a basic suit “made out of a box of scraps”. Then over the course of the game, we get to design and create the suits as it moves along. Once we’ve built a suit, it would be great to upgrade it as we go before we create a new Mk suit.


6. Single player only experience

EA and Respawn did well with the single-player experience for the Jedi series, I hope it follows from here. Online won’t do well in a game like this so there’s no point dedicating resources to it. Put everything into making it a memorable experience for the players and leave the online aspects out of it. I’d take DLC depending on how good the game is though.

7. A wide range of suits

We already know there’s 100’s of different Iron Man suits so the list is endless for what they can add in. I’d like the idea of the player being able to create their own suit but having established suits wouldn’t go amiss either. Spider-Man has got this nailed down perfectly so Motive Studios do have quite the task on their hands to even remotely live up to that.

8. An intriguing villain

It’s Marvel so they have a good portion of choices for the villain. They could play it safe and go with Iron Monger or go with someone a bit out there. As long as it’s not Iron Man’s Mandarin then I don’t mind, I trust them to make the right decision. A villain you can connect with always does wonders for the story so this can only help the game be pushed further along.

9. New game+

I don’t know why this goes on my wishlist but it does, only because games that should have this in don’t. Spider-Man 2 is still yet to include it, it was missing from the first game initially, it was missing from Jedi: Fallen Order as well. If the game is to be a single-player experience then it needs to have this in on launch as should most adventure-type single-player games.

10. Unique gameplay

This one should be a given. We’ve had an Iron Man game in the past and whilst they were okay, I feel like it needs to be switched up. When Insomniac first showed off their Spider-Man game way back it felt completely different but familiar all at the same time.

Is there anything you want to see in the upcoming Iron Man game? Let us know by commenting below. (Comments only open 14 days from article publication.


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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