Exclusive Interview with Daniel Lewandowski – A Hardcore Fan of Comic Material

Back in September Daniel had an interview with me (Phil) about being a hardcore fan of Comic Book material and spoke about everything from film to series, why I’m a hardcore fan to what 3 things I’d bring on an island.

Now it’s time for Daniel to answer, and speak about what makes him a fan of this genre and why he loves doing what he does from reviews to news to just straight up can it be justified articles.

1. Would you consider yourself a casual or a hardcore fan?

I would consider myself very borderline to hardcore, but that’s only because I’m not an avid comic book reader as much as others potentially are.

2. What makes you different from hardcore fans?

I don’t read comics I would say. It’s a very expensive game to get involved in, but I do my research, and I’ll read a comic online if I do need to learn about a specific character or story.

3. Do you read the comic source material or comics in general?

Both, but on the source material side. I’ll only pick up a comic if I need to learn something, or if it’s a series I’m super interested in such as the Vader series.

4. Interesting, so how do you go about getting to know the history of a character or story?

Online or if needs be, picking up a comic.


5. When did you become a fan of comic book material?

I would say it stemmed from my Grandparents and Mother. My first ever cinema trip was back in 1999 when I was only 6 or 7 years old to watch Star Wars The Phantom Menace, so it started there.

6. What made you become a fan?

The Phantom Menace. I remember my Mam buying me those plastic lightsabers and thinking I was going to be the next Obi-Wan Kenobi, so it definitely started there in a big way.

7. If you were stuck on an island and could only bring one comic series, one tv show, and one movie, what would you bring and why?

Comic series, Vader. 110%. A TV show I would take The Mandalorian, but as it’s only 16 episodes I would have to take Arrow. The movie would be Endgame no question.

All 3 of those I could read/watch over and over again and not be bored. Endgame is a lengthy movie, Vader’s a good solid base series and Endgame is just incredible.

8. Do you have a preference on a franchise you love more such as DC, Marvel, or Star Wars, or do you equally prefer them all?

I’m not even lying, I prefer them all equally. Each franchise has its strong points above others.

9. Clickbait sites, how do you feel when you see someone share an obvious fake site that has gathered a lot of attention?

It’s frustrating, especially when the article is so far-fetched and ridiculous. I work my ass off to ensure the correct news is passed over, so when I see, not just Comic Universe but similar sites being so screwed over it’s upsetting. Especially considering the mass amount of content they put out is simply trash. A prime example would be Pedro Pascal walking off set in The Mandalorian, which was proven to be fake but the “scooper” didn’t want to pull it back. It’s frustrating, that’s for sure.


10. What character would you say you’re more interested in?

Darth Vader.

11. What are your thoughts about change in the comic book movies or series, i.e Peter to Miles, Bruce to Terry, Superman to black superman?

I welcome it. I think it needs to happen. Batman and Spider-Man are household names, there’s no question about it, but their stories have been told so many times on the big screen. It’s time to introduce the new age of heroes.

12. If you could direct or write an episode or movie for 1 character from any comic book company, DC, Marvel, indy, etc, who would it be and why?

Darth Vader. His story is unique, from Anakin to Vader, there’s just so much he does, thinks, feels, you could have a 10 season series and there would still be more to tell.

13. Which one character would you like to see live-action?

Miles Morales.

14. Who do you think is underrated in superheroes or supervillains?

Nightwing and Captain Marvel are my top two by a country mile.

15. What are your hopes for comic book movies/series, in general, going forward?

I hope it continues like this. Honestly, we’re in a stage where it’s just incredible. Disney coming in with their powerhouses such as The Mandalorian and WandaVision is just exceptional.


16. Over the years we’ve had countless comic book inspired video-games, what are your thoughts about those?

I think we’re not getting enough if being honest, but in recent years every game has been exceptional, Spider-Man, Miles, Fallen Order, Injustice 2, etc have all been world-class, but I think we should be getting more.

17. Do you think there should be more superhero games from marvel or dc?

Both, absolutely. There’s such a massive catalog of heroes and stories out there that need to be explored. Marvel’s Avengers was on the right track with theirs, and it shows.

18. Who do you think should receive a video-game?

If you asked me that last year I would have said Red Hood, but we’re pretty much getting that. Now I would say Batman Beyond.

19. Marvel’s fandom is quite loyal, DC’s can be on the fence, even when they do something great, people still hate, do you think the hate towards DC Comics (not Warner Bros.) is justified?

I don’t no. DC has a monster roster when it comes to heroes and villains, more so than Marvel if I’m being honest. I get the hate towards WB, and that is justified but I think people love to hate for the sake of hating.

20. Do you consider comic book movies or series in the mainstream now?

100%. It’s not often you speak to someone that hasn’t heard of these movies and series. Endgame and WandaVision are prime examples.

21. You’ve obviously been a fan for years now, at what point did you think to yourself, “I’m truly a fan now”?

I remember being hungover and scrolling through Netflix and coming across The CW’s The Flash back in 2015, I was then hooked on the Arrowverse and it continued growing from there.


22. Finally, what are you most excited about in Comic Universe going forward?

Currently, the upcoming Disney+ shows are what I’m excited about the most. I just hope each franchise can continue smashing it in every single way!

There we have it, an interview with the one and only Daniel Lewandowski, Co-Founder of Comic Universe.

He had some amazing answers to the questions and I’d like to thank him for his time. We got to know what he’s excited about, who his favorite character is, and more.

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25 years old. One of the co-founders of Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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