Fantastic Four Fan Castings We Would Love to See Happen

At this moment in time, it feels like the hype for the debut of the Fantastic Four is at an all-time high for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially hot on the heels of Doctor Strange 2 where fans got introduced to a multiverse version of Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards played by the incredible John Kransinki.

While there have been many, many, many names thrown around as rumors, this is our current list of fan casts. For each member of the Fantastic Four, we’ll give our main casting and our backup casting.

Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Main: John Kransinki – John is a fan cast that everyone wants. For the short time he was in Doctor Strange 2 he was great. He debuted with a great personality, his entrance was great, and the effects of his powers were superb. Not to mention that his suit was beautiful. In my personal opinion, you don’t cast someone like John for a “fan service”.

Backup: Penn Badgley – Penn is someone who I’ve seen brought up in the conversation for the role. His name has also been put in the rounds of rumors that Marvel is looking at him for the role. While I would love to see John be the main Reed, Penn is someone I can see being a younger version of Reed. Maybe, not so much an origin story for Reed but in his early years with the powers.

Sue Storm/Invisible Woman

Main: Emily Blunt – Another casting that everyone wants. Emily has even teased something in an interview around a year ago. I think this would be a great casting because of the chemistry with John, not only being married in real life but also just how well they get on. Emily has also shown she can be a badass in action with her role in Edge of Tomorrow, one of her best performances.

Backup: Melissa Benoist – This is a recent name being spoken about. It’s not one I’m fully set on just yet but if it does go this way, I have full faith in Melissa. Why do I have faith? Well, she took the role of Supergirl in DC and absolutely ran with it. Say what you will about that series but she absolutely blew that role up not only in DC and WB’s eyes but absolutely blew it up in every little girl who watched the series, I believe she’ll do that again with Invisible Woman.


Ben Grimm/The Thing

Main: Jason Segel – Honestly, wasn’t my main choice until I recently heard about the casting and truly sat down and thought about it. Jason would bring a new life to the character of The Thing. He would also be very similar to my backup choice. We’ve seen the angry version of The Thing twice now, a comedic version, while still harboring that anger would be really great for the character. A rumor has recently begun that Jason has been cast already, and will be making his debut in the upcoming She-Hulk series next month.

Backup: Vince Vaughn – I’m probably the only person in the entire world who has willingly said “Vince Vaughn for The Thing”. I absolutely adore Vince, his movies are hilarious, and ultimately he’s a fantastic actor. Fitting into the same category as Jason Segel, Vince would bring that humor to The Thing that we’ve barely seen.

Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Main: Glen Powell – I’ve recently watched Top Gun: Maverick and Glen was absolutely fantastic in that role. He did his job well, didn’t try to overshadow Tom Cruise or Miles Teller’s roles, and he had that cockiness that Johnn Storm has. Glen is also my choice for Scott Summers/Cyclops in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Backup: Jordan Fisher – I won’t lie, I haven’t seen a ton of Jordan’s project. I only know of him because of Twitch and his role on The Flash as Bart Allen. The reason why I would love to see Jordan as the Human Torch is simply his range. His acting talent is crazy good. There is also fan art out there that shows him as Human Torch and it looks perfect.

Overall, who do you want to see cast as the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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