Fox’s X-Men Quicksilver Scenes – Ranked

Many fans have different opinions on the X-Men movies, pretty much everyone has a solid reason as to why they like them, or why they dislike them, and in some cases, absolutely despise them. That’s fair.

Ultimately for me, one of the things they did get correct was Quicksilver. I’ve been a Quicksilver fan for many years so to see him show up in X-Men Days of Future Past was amazing. I instantly took a liking to the character.

In my opinion, he has some of the most enjoyable scenes to be seen but in what order do I rank them?

07. Quicksilver meets Wolverine

This scene was hilarious. This was one of the first moments Wolverine did when he went back in time to save the future. He knew Quicksilver in the future so he utilized him in his plan to break Magneto out of prison. When the trio of Wolverine, Xavier, and Hank arrive to speak to Peter, we see him using his power to play ping pong with himself. A fantastic introduction to the X-Men universe.

06. Quicksilver vs Jean

Ultimately, not one of his better “action” scenes but more of a “sequel-turned-back” moment. In a very similar scene to the scene in Apocalypse, Quicksilver tried to use his speed to attack Jean but Jean saw it and moved one block out of his way causing the speedster to go tumbling and knocking himself out with his speed. Still, a fantastic showcase of speed.

05. Quicksilver saves the Astronauts

This scene is purely speed-related. Quicksilver and the X-Men are tasked with going to space to save Astronauts from a solar flare. While in the spaceship with Nightcrawler, Quicksilver uses his speed to run through the ship, unbuckling each Astronaut and seeing how the solar flare was acting, quickly came up with a solution to throw the Astronauts to Nightcrawler to be easily teleported together back to the X-Men ship. Oh, and he showcased this speed feat with gravity.


04. Quicksilver breaks Magneto out of prison

This scene is simply amazing. Quicksilver goes undercover as a prison officer to get into the prison. He then slides Magneto a tray with food and a note saying “watch out for the glass”, he vibrates his hands to break the glass and the guards come into the room but Quicksilver grabs Magneto and speeds to the elevator.

03. Quicksilver vs Apocalypse

Ultimately one of his most badass scenes, which is hands down an amazing feat showcased by the silver speedster. He arrives and slows down time, runs Mystique into battle alongside him, and goes after Apocalypse. Quicksilver in this scene showcased his strength when he managed to get 5 punches onto a GOD. Unfortunately, the speedster didn’t do much else after this as Apocalypse broke his leg.

02. Kitchen scene

In this scene the tension between Xavier (powerless) and Magneto is high. Guards come in and point guns at them causing Magneto to begin to use the metal, panic sets in and time goes slow… Quicksilver puts on his headphones and runs around the room putting the guard’s fists into their faces, and other stuff while moving the bullets out of the way of Magneto, Xavier, and Logan.

01. Quicksilver saves everyone at the mansion

And number 1 on my list is the scene where Quicksilver arrives at the school just in time to see it explode. This scene is pure speed power as we get to see him run throughout the school saving children and the X-Men from an explosion Havok made by hitting a fuel cell killing himself by accident but Quicksilver’s sheer speed is truly insane. Oh, and he does this while listening to Sweet Dreams.

This might also be controversial but as much as I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that Quicksilver they added to Age of Ultron has nothing on Fox’s Quicksilver. From their personality to the effects of his speed. It’s truly incredible.

I would love to see this version return in the future and not as he did in Wandavision.


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