Giancarlo Esposito Joins “Captain America: Brave New World

Captain America: Brave New World is currently undergoing some reshoots for the movie. With reshoots underway, it’s only right that we’ll get some new behind-the-scenes photos of the cast, well one new member of the cast is Giancarlo Esposito.

Giancarlo joins the film for part of a 22-day shoot as a “villainous character”. Giancarlo has hinted for a few weeks that he was involved in a Marvel project, but has officially joined the call sheet in an undisclosed villainous role.

While the reshoots will run for 22 days, according to Insiders among the added elements will be some new action scenes. Julias Onah will still be the director of the film.

Anthony Mackie as Captain America

The movie, which stars Anthony Mackie as hero Sam Wilson takes up the mantle of Captain America, barely escaped the direct impacts of the writers and actors strikes. While other Marvel projects such as Thunderbolts, Deadpool & Wolverine, and Blade were forced to shut down or delay the production, with Blade still yet to make the leap into filming.

Even though the principal photography was finished before the strikes, Brave New World’s post-production was delayed. Marvel moved the release date from July 26, 2024, to Feb. 14, 2025. Although there were reports of multiple reshoots for the movie, this remains the only one so far.

Harrison Ford, Liv Tyler, Tim Blake Nelson, Danny Ramirez, and Rosa Salazar are also in the cast.


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