Injustice Universe Characters – Ranked

The Injustice universe is a universe from DC Comics that has recently made it’s way from comics and video games to animated film.

This universe has blossomed into a great universe with it being highly thought of by fans of the Justice League as well as DC Comics fans in general.

In this universe, many of our favorite heroes have turned evil, became resistance members, or have naturally been killed by this universes Superman.

I’m here to give you my top 5 characters which I think are standout characters in this universe, and this can come from comics, video games, and the latest DC animated film.

I’ll rank them from worst to best.

5. Damian Wayne (Robin)

Now you might ask, why is Damian on my list? Well, it’s simple… the traumatic stuff that happened to him in this universe. Firstly, he’s the grandson of Ra’s Al Ghul, which alone is traumatic. Next, he accidentally killed Nightwing. In training, Dick normally dodges this move by Damian but at this moment, Dick is distracted by the riot and doesn’t see the eskrima stick coming at him, it was only down to anger that this happened.


4. Barry Allen (The Flash)

I’ve always loved Barry’s journey in this universe. From being the light-hearted, caring superhero to being controlled by Superman and his regime. Barry has always said that if Superman went too far in his vengeance that he would stand up to him. I believe one of the last things which caused this Barry to change sides is the killing of Green Arrow. Barry was sent to a climate research facility owned by Luther-Wayne Industries with a strict no powers probation after receiving a lighter sentence.

3. Hal Jordan (Green/Yellow Lanter)

Another story I really like is Hal Jordan’s, slightly similar to Barry’s just on Oa. He switched from a Green Lantern to a Yellow Lantern, simply because of Superman. He pleads guilty to the deaths of hundreds during Superman’s regime. Instead of being imprisoned, he is simply sent to Harring to repurpose the planet with the Guardians still believing he will be a part of the universe.

2. Bruce Wayne (Batman)

Bruce Wayne is a fantastic character in this universe. His story is quite similar to the main timeline Batman with a strict set of rules. He’s one of the greatest resistance fighters that Superman has to deal with. Bruce went through hell and back to stop Superman in this universe.

1. Superman

This universe’s Superman might just be a close favorite of mine for this character. I like Clark as this caring, justice-oriented hero which always saves the day, but when they take this character, twist and turn his motives and make him evil like this, it’s literally unbelievable. Seeing how ruthless he is in this universe is amazing. One of my favorite moments from this version of Superman was literally him burning a hole in Shazam’s head, killing him.

Injustice is one of the greatest stories I’ve read from DC Comics, I truly hope they continue with this universe in many forms of entertainment such as comics, video games, animated movies, and potentially a live-action version of this story.

I feel like they could do stories with this universe all day long and it would continue to be great.


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