Invincible “That Actually Hurt” Review

Season 1 Episode 5 “Feeling confident in his new abilities, Mark risks a team-up with a local villain to take down a crime lord, while simultaneously juggling school and a new relationship.”

What I Liked?

1. The episode starts off with Titans beating up a rival gang while Mark fights a villain he’s fought in the past, he becomes late for a date with Amanda but ends up making a mess of things while Titan is still destroying people’s businesses. The similarities between Mark and Titan are great, ones doing the criminal activity to survive while one is doing a hero gig to save people.

2. Omni-Man is still teaching Mark lessons about being a superhero, he and Mark are asking a villain a question in the sky when Omni-Man drops him much to Marks’ surprise. I feel like this is going to get too much for Mark throughout the series. We get a funny scene with Mark texting Amanda while he’s in the middle of a fight with the villain hitting him with random objects and not affecting him.

3. How nice Titan actually is, he’s just a family man trying to protect his family, he owes money to bad people so he has to choose to use his powers for evil, he asks Mark for help. Mark doesn’t trust him so Titan offers to show him what he’s missing on the ground when he’s in the air, he shows Mark countless spots where drug stash houses are.

4. Debbie finally goes into her closet, it’s a bit chilly and she finally ends up finding the notepad of Damian Darkblood in which she reads and starts to doubt Omni-Man by putting pieces together. You can see just how badly she is struggling to trust Omni-Man. She searches the house for Omni-Man’s bloody and torn suit.

5. The new Guardians of the Globe are at odds with one another because of their botched mission which put a busload of people in the hospital. The older member has a go at Rex. The robot is using Rex for something.


6. The Mauler twin finally finishes creating his clone, The Robot from the Guardians of the Globe arrives and asks for their help in cloning genetics, he says he’ll make it worth their while. This storyline is interesting, I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

What I Disliked?

1. The villain who Titan is working for, reminds me of an evil Daft Punk type villain, his auto-tune voice is annoying as well. I hope he’s a one-episode-and-done type villain.

2. Omni-Man, while in the massive fight, he was watching Mark get insanely beat. He just floated in the air and watched as his own son got absolutely smashed all over the penthouse. This is pure sadistic.

Favorite Moment

Invincible and Titan team up to defeat the villain. Invincible and Titan fight the villains with the villains getting the upper hand on the two, Mark takes a brutal beating but gets angry when he sees Titan nearly die, Mark throws two villains around but gets beaten by the bigger villain, the villain then stamps on Mark, makes his bleed badly, until the Guardians of the Globe arrive but they also get beat. The big villain then uses his hammer to absolutely smash Mark. Black Sampson then gets angry but ends up being killed as well as the Monster Girl.

Standout Character

Mark takes it this week, trusted his gut and instincts over his fathers word.

The Verdict

An absolutely crazy ending to a great episode. The story was great and the action, in the end, paid off in its entirety. This show keeps on delivering week after week. It’s definitely a great series.


Rating: 9.8/10

Photo: Invincible Season 1 Episode 5


Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 10



An absolutely crazy ending to a great episode. The story was great and the action, in the end, paid off in its entirety. This show keeps on delivering week after week. It's definitely a great series.

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