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Let’s Talk About This “Superman Situation”

This past week or so everyone received the news that DC and Warner Bros. were creating a whole new Superman movie without Henry Cavill returning to the role.

When this was revealed, Twitter absolutely blew up with tweets like “They can’t replace Henry” or “Superman is white” tweets, While some were angry that Warner Bros. has Henry just sitting there not doing anything so why bring in a new Superman, especially a black one.

While half of the Twitter fandom is crying or putting out angry tweets about the recasting (of sorts) and going from a white to black Superman, They are forgetting that Superman has been black before, although it wasn’t Clark Kent.

The two main black Superman counterparts are Calin Ellis and Val-Zod (Earth 2). Both are great Supermen, both characters held the mantle of Superman, and both completely different from Clark Kent.

So if they do bring one of these to live-action, Michael B Jordan would be perfect for the role. It would give us change, something which has slightly been needed for years now, we’ve seen the history of Clark Kent Superman, we’ve seen it with Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, Animated movies, comics, and more recently on the Superman & Lois show.

It is the same issue with Bruce Wayne Batman and Peter Parker Spider-Man, we’ve seen these origins more than a few times in live-action, it is exactly why change is needed.


I get people might say well children know these characters and yes that’s true but in recent years, these characters have been for adults as well who’ve grown up watching Batman Beyond, saw the first appearance of Miles Morales in the comics, same with the first appearance of both Calvin Ellis and Val-Zod.

I personally think it’s time for a change and bringing in a new Superman would do just that, I know Henry loves the role, he absolutely does, he’s a fan just as much as me or anyone who watches the movies, but he’s busy doing what he wants to do, The Witcher and lately rumored to be doing something involving Mass Effect.

There are countless way’s to introduce this new Superman, and it doesn’t even have to be in the DC extended universe either, it could easily be connected to Robert Pattinson’s Batman universe.

Let’s not forget that The Flash movie is going to be dealing with the multiverse so this could easily be a different Earth Superman, same with the recent Latino casting for Supergirl.

Bringing in someone like Michael B Jordan for this role could guarantee a trilogy or more than a couple of movies. It’s an endless possibility and with a character like this, they basically have free reign to do whatever they want with the character.

So in short, I’m all for a black Superman, I think it’s more than needed, especially in this day and age in what is happening in the world.


I also get why people are complaining, I would be too if they did confirm it was Clark Kent but race-swapped. You can not take a character with this history and race change it, but they are not doing that.

People just need to chill and see what they do with it. I also feel like most of the angry mob are just “hating” on DC because it’s the cool thing to do.

Photo: Michael B Jordan as Superman

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