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Let’s Talk: Insomniac Games Wolverine Video Game

Two years ago, Insomniac Games shocked the gaming world with an announcement that not many people would have guessed was happening. They announced that they were developing a video game based on Wolverine. They even released a cinematic teaser.

Since that cinematic teaser was released, we’ve unfortunately been on the bad end of the stick with no news, no gameplay, no trailers, and nothing about the game, it is only recently that it was said to be finally in development.

As seen below;

While Tommy was speaking about people’s reaction to Spider-Man 2 coming in October, he did mention that he was beginning work on Wolverine. Now, the game is slated for a 2024 release, but that could change.

As you know at this current moment in the entertainment world, there are strikes going on for writers to receive better pay, as well as actors going on strike with many productions either going on pause or stopping until the studios resolve the issue.


The latest news about that is that video game studios could follow suit if they decide to do so which in turn could massively delay the release of Wolverine, and many other games. Now, I’m all for fair shares and fair payments, but this could hurt Wolverine massively.

As of now, I’ve spoken to many people who do not know this game is happening, and if they do know that it is happening, they are just not excited about it because of the lack of news, etc.

But my hope and excitement are somewhat still there, especially with Tommy’s tweet above.

I want to speak about the main villain of the game that I would love to see in the game.

Main Villain

If done correctly, and I don’t see why not with how well they did Spider-Man’s villains, Sabretooth couldn’t be the main villain. I think for a first game revolving around Wolverine, no one would be better suited in that role.

Other villains I would like to see as a main villain are Juggernaut, Omega Red, and Magneto.


Side Characters

I’ll keep bringing up Spider-Man because it’s from the same studio but some side characters that I personally would love to see in the game are Gambit, Deadpool, X-23, and Jean Grey. I feel as though those people are not exactly out of the way and they all have massive connections to Logan.

Easter Eggs

In the cinematic teaser that was released 2 years ago, we had an easter egg within the teaser for the comic where Hulk fought Wolverine for the first time. I know Insomniac Games likes to add easter eggs in their games, such as within Spider-Man you had multiple.

You had the Defenders (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock) buildings. You had the Wakandan Embassy and even Avengers Tower.

There are a ton of easter eggs you could do for Logan, I know for a fine fact that there will be some X-Men easter eggs within the game. I want more. I want Punisher, I want Captain America, World War 2, and more.

Honestly, I hope this game doesn’t get delayed. I hope they release a new trailer early next year, and I hope we get some information on the game soon.


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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